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The concept of gathering data, while the player progresses through the game is a brilliant idea!
You handled the way the events affect the final assessment really well.
Almost every interaction with objects/characters made a difference. The profiles might be limited, but they work well!
The intro was something I wasn't expecting and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I enjoy FMVs in modern games, when they are well done like yours.
Visually the game is okay with some really weird stuttering/tearing issues in the beggining area. Also there is a clipping bug, where every object dissapears and the only visible thing is the HDR image. Other than these minor issues it is great.
The audio is also well done! The cues are setting up the mood perfectly and seamlessly.
Generally, I had lots of fun playing your game!! The whole profile thing is clever and working good.
I hope we see more of this game!