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A simple concept with a really nice execution. This is what makes your game so fun to play!
The setting is as simple as a bunker and the objective is to survive until the rescue team arrives. Then I realized there is more to it. :P
Having to keep an eye on 2 power levels never felt like a chore, since these two are well balanced. It gets challenging when the generators break, but not to a level where it gets annoying and rage inducing.
Miss Eyesore is sooo creepy. The idea of her spawning in the rooms that remain dark for a while is brilliant. Not only it makes the player hesitant to go to the rooms that are on the edge of the map, it adds to the anticipation factor as well. The ability to close doors permanently to stop Miss Eyesore is welcome too. It prevents you from dying, but at the same time you lose a generator.
The audio of the game is well done too! The mix is great and the audio cues are fitting to the creepy atmosphere.
On top of that the game looks great! The textures are high res with nice pbr materials.
I totally enjoyed it! The gameplay is balanced and the scares are not predictable. And all of this is accompanied by nice graphics and audio.
I hope we see a full version of it! Keep up the good work!