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I was expecting a totally goofy satirical game and oh boy I was wrong!
The whole plot is really interesting and contrasts with the visuals. Despite the toasts and the world being all stylized and not serious, the plot has actually something to say. The way you chose to deliver this is just awesome!
I mean who would expect a cell shaded game about toasts will have such an ending? I certainly didn't. :P
The gameplay is certainly simple yet fitting to the game. The maze for me took like 30 seconds, since I got really lucky. The parkour part though is another story. The character is using a capsule collider and that made the jump to the tilted platform a nightmare, since the character would slide off the edge. I think a small adjustment there can make the platformning section really pleasant.
Also the train scared me like 5 times. The directional sound and the reverb effect makes it sound like it is coming toward you.
The ending of the game got me. I didn't expect it to be that dark. Really nice twist there!
Overall I had fun playing your game!
I hope we see more of your games!