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Sorry for my bad spelling. it is not my stong suit.

I finished the seriers in its current state (the 4th is the newist at the time of writeing")  in about an hour and


Nami, the games are AMAZING!

You got me close to crying. VERY few people can say that. (Like two or three others + you)

The art, the music, the story, all of it.

The way you handled such big problmes in the world right now is amazing.  What Mochi said was right, you should't need to be afriad to be yourslelf. 

The dillog is very funny at some times.(Like with Mochi's bed at Treat's)

But yet you can still get accross a points, and you can do it well, that is one of  the hardist parts of game desine.

I would tip you if I could. 

K eep on making these games, and remmber,

Don't be afriaid to be yourself.