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Your game has a pretty unique concept!!
The fact that you're a scientist that makes coffee using all these compounds and machines is super awesome. :P
Visually I really enjoyed the minimalistic design. Not using textures makes the purpose of the game much more apparent. You're able to spot the beakers and vials easily, without losing them in the environment. Also the lighting and shading of the game is looking pretty. Generally a totally fitting look to the game.
Gameplay wise you made a really enjoyable experience. Only a few games have used a science theme, and even fewer have used that succesfully like you! The whole shrinking concept is fascinating and the game actually makes you feel what happens to the character. Not being able to move heavy objects around and losing speed are elements that create an immersive experience. Also the idea about the made up compounds is brilliant! It gives you a feeling that you're indeed in a lab. On top of all of these you've added a lot of parameters to play around and that gives extra replay value.
Audio wise the game is on point. Not too much, just everything you need to feel the intensity of the moment.
Overall I enjoyed your game a lot! It is rare to see games using concepts like science in such a creative way!
I wish you the best for your next projects!!