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From all your games this one made me feel scared the most!
That is because I don't like huge plush bears and dark supermarkets. :P
I have to say that the music you used is on point. Each track is full of suspense and the "idle" one is totally fitting to the ambience of the environments. It's pretty impressive that you achieved that in a limited amount of time.
As for the A.I, I found it pretty okay, even though you say you didn't have enough time. It certainly didn't feel rushed and the navigation of the enemies felt pretty smooth.
Visually your low poly art style fits with everything else. Unreal engine 4 has a great lighting system and you're making good use of it in order to make the game even creepier. That proves that a game doesn't have to have a realistic art direction to be captivating and scary.
Also, I appreciate the IT reference! Pennywise made me jump xD
All in all I really enjoyed the game, it is pretty evident that you enjoy making these.
I wish you the best with your future projects!!