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Nice game, but unfortunately it has at least some nasty bugs:

- The world is random generated, which is nice. But in my game almost no gold and almost no iron was available. After building all iron-tools and all gold-tools, I had not enough iron available to build by boat. This means I can never leave the island or I can never finish the game.

- Saving seems to work. A little icon appears. But I don't know how to load a game:

  -> Reload page in browser (Chrome): Only "New game" is available.

  -> "New game" in the Enter-Menu generated a new random world, but no way to load.

  -> "Continue" in Enter-Menu simply closes the window, also nothing is loaded.

  -> "Reset cartrige" in the Enter-Menu shows a strange video effect and then the game goes back to my current game.

 -> If I die, I go back to the main-menu. But due your setting permadeath=true the Load game-option is not shown in this case.

So it seems, at least for me, that the game can save your progress, but it cannot load a game (or your progress).