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Your game seems really promising!
I can see that you're using elements from Amnesia,  (using the player have a monologue etc) and from P.T. (the fact that the rooms can change), as you said in the game description. On top of that you added your own stuff, so the game doesn't feel like a clone of the afforementioned games, so good job on that.
The puzzles were clever enough to make me think, except the last one, since I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I managed to match the paintings by accident. It would be helpful to give a more straightforward hint. Also the phone dial glitched a couple of times, when I tried to input the numbers. But after a couple of tries it worked fine.
Visually the game could be better, but since there aren't any graphics options, I can see your choice of a little lower res textures and normal maps, since the game has to run in a wide variety of systems.
All in all I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and the addition of puzzles. It is a game that focuses on atmosphere and environment to tell the story and this is kinda rare nowadays.
I wish you the best of luck with this project and I hope we will see a full game that remains true to what you said!!