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Since you are playing New Horizon (an assumption) then you are experiencing the instability and really insulting representations that only a landlubber could have thought represents sailing in that era.  Tornadoes at sea... waterspouts... EF-0 can't and don't tear apart ships.  If you enjoy the constant interruptions while your avatar conducts business, as well as the constant storms suddenly engulfing your ship, the "cursed"gold skull coin that turns your simulation role-play game into Disney Trash, then this is the game for you... I could go on and on for pages with all the malware issues in this code.  Whoever cobbled together the logic scheme with all this trash was obviously incompetent to work on this project and took great joy in including as much bogus irritation and insulting twists and ridiculous events as possible... probably the result of a very antagonistic working environment.

Good luck trying to the get the people working on this to fix all these intentional faults, much less the endless  crashes, no one seems to know how to recover and never heard of check-sum validation.

You can try to work with the euro-powers running the show, but good luck getting them to do anything.  The list of updates affects everything but the New Horizons... they spend all the time on individual personalized games, and don't care what the rest of us are trying to play.

Best of luck Matey,  following seas  and steady breezes  for you