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Works fine with Wine on GNU/Linux using WineD3D or Vulkan*.
Tried with KillBit 3.0 with wine-staging 5.22 on Arch Linux 5.9.14-1 x86_64.
Update: Tried with wine-staging 6.2 on Arch Linux 5.10.16-1 x86_64 too. No differences were noticed.

Some noticeable problems with Wine:

  • Extracting the game from RAR without proper unrar software causes an infinitely** big executable file.
  • Interrupting the game or terminating it doesn’t work. Have to kill manually to exit it.
  • Money earning can be inconsistent between plays, regarding your gear.
  • Significant performance problems.
  • Causes sound crackles on some audio systems.
  • Occasional crashes when minimizing.

* Not played for a long period of time. Requires DXVK.
** Limited by your hardware or storage limits.