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It's sad seeing so many people getting kind of butthurt over this game, and even more so when some feel personally insulted by the attitude the creator supposedly has towards those who play dating sims. I, for one, found this game charming and i liked what it was trying to do, though it does admittedly have it's flaws -- it's still nice. I used to play dating sims /a lot/ when i was younger, mainly because i wasn't able to do that stuff in the real world, and i wasn't ready to try push myself - so doing it in game was...easier. And i did waste A LOT of time building relationships in games, progressing stuff, etc - time i could've been trying to progress me and my real life relationships. I think that's one of the main kinda points. I don't think the creator hates those who play these games, i really don't - i just think this was meant to kinda 'open your eyes' and maybe try get the player to move these 'skills' to the real word. Whilst poking fun at some of the cliches that come dating sims. With that, the overall look, the feel and the funny stuff...i really like this game. Thanks for making it!