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My first impression is that this game was kind of horror-ish so I'm a bit reluctant to try, but when I did, hoo boy, I was astonished. The art is beautiful. This free-to-play game does surpass my expectation, quite a lot. I enjoyed every bit of it, and all of the Love Interests in EL are quite lovely on their own. I was engrossed with the story plot, even though that this is, undoubtedly, my very first time playing dark fantasy VN. 

I am not 100% sure if I've unlocked every walkthrough/endings for every LI's, but if you want some insight (might be major spoiler ahead!), I can tell you some interesting things that I've came across.

1. If you're not sure who you want to pursue first, I'd suggested Vadeyn. He is such a cinnamon roll you couldn't help but to be endeared by his overall personality. He is the second elf guy you will meet on the ship, after that whole ordeal with Lacey. But if you wanna know how I choose them in regards of playthrough, it's like this : Vadeyn > Haron > Ernol > Lacey > Duliae. I choose Duliae the last because I felt like he's the key of the unfolded secrets, and you will understand better what's happening on his route after you finished with everyone's route. I think Lacey's also can be the last one, but really, it's up to you.

2. When you create your own character, you might be thinking which disposition should you choose, or does it fit with specific LI's overall and so on. In my opinion, it does impact your personality (a little bit perhaps) but at the end, it's your overall choices in the game that greatly influence your character's personality. Either way, I'll give you clue : Vadeyn and Haron will be charmed by you, Ernol and Duliae will like your witty personality while Lacey, he will fall for your "aggressive" determination.

3. Surprisingly enough, it was Lacey who gives you the most nicknames (I think) compared to other LI's. At first he's just provoking you, calling you rabbit, but when you're deeper in his route, he will call you something else c: Before you and Lacey enter tailor shop, there is an option to hold his arm if I'm not mistaken, just hold his arm and you will not regret the choice :) It's more than okay to flirt with him afterwards because he actually likes it (but remember to also keep your bold side in front of him).

4. Vadeyn will constantly worried for you, and he's quite uncomfortable when you both were hanging out with his twin sisters, as they will "spill the tea" about him XD Also, he truly despise the idea of you living in Gha'alia, because he thought you're not worth living in that place in which almost everyone there were against you so many times and they constantly tried to killed you. I think he's the only one who prefer you to get out from the place and he will follow you and live with you, if you choose not to work/stay there. You will know what I mean later :)

5. Haron is the youngest of all, and his behavior does show that. I didn't say that he's not matured enough, but you will understand after you played his route. He will accept your wits, flirts with you and all, but remember, he's actually have sensitive side. If you try to coddle him like a kid when he's all serious, he will be wounded by your action. But don't worry about that much, you will enjoy his route. If you like a character who is openly showing affection towards you in every way, you'll definitely like him.

6. Ernol, is a little bit hard for me to describe. He's that kind of guy who doesn't really know how to properly act when it comes to emotions, since he's all about discipline, serious and rarely smile. He's not a tsundere, but if you seek comfort from him, he will lecture you instead XD But it's not a bad thing, give him some time to be comfortable around you, try being witty and try to flirt with him every now and then, gradually he will opened up to you and he will "awkwardly" confessed to you.

7. For Duliae, you need to have high Cunning or Charm point if you want to be with him in his route. He expected you to sweet-talk with the General and if you've succeed, he'll surely have interests in you. Keep up your wits when you're with him, he'll love it. This is the part where you have to depend on your Cunning trait. If you want a clue on how to increase its point, ask him (or others) a lot of questions if possible and when prompted for choices, answer it cleverly. The biggest hint of all : He LOVES IT when you COMPLIMENT HIS HAIR XD

8. There is a scene in your bedroom that after you choose which character who knocked your door suddenly in the middle of night, it will prompt you to either let them in or not. My advice is, DO NOT LET THEM INSIDE. That is one of the ways you might easily die.

I think I should stop here before I spoil more than I should haha. But as you can see, I truly enjoyed this actual masterpiece. If you want to try playing this but scared of the possible "jumpscare" or "horrific" scenes, take it from me, you wouldn't, I promise you wouldn't at all, and if you do enjoyed playing otome games, this is the one that I highly recommended.