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A meeting of the minds between researchers and xr creators...

ONLINE · JUNE 19-27, 2021

The 2021 XR Brain Jam spans two weekends, from June 19th to June 27th.  The first weekend, June 19-20, is a series of workshop and team events. During the following week, teams will work on their own to lay groundwork for their development. The actual jam work period runs from Friday June 25 to Sunday June 27th. 

XR developers and digital creatives interested in creating XR experiences that drive meaningful impact are paired with domain experts focused on addressing a specific issue (medical, environmental, education, etc). These cross-discipline teams are led through a structured workshop experience designed to accelerate the prototyping process. This workshop period is followed by a multi-day jam, where teams develop a working prototype of their concept. 

After the jam, the teams are invited to share their work with a curated panel of experts. These experts are chosen from a variety of fields to give teams maximum value feedback, including funding, design, distribution, marketing, and development.

The prototypes created at the XR Brain Jam will be presented at the 2021 Games for Change Festival on July 12th-14th. 



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Seated VR deep breathing experience for the Oculus Quest
A depiction of losing control of your digital life
Created for the XR Brain Jam, PowerPosr Increases positivity and self-worth through the power of postural feedback!
Play in browser
Augmented Reality Community Garden
An AR experience to help facilitate play therapy for young children.
A game about bringing awareness to ocean health on our planet. (Created for XR Brain Jam 2021)
De-Escalating Panic Attacks in Stressful Environments
Role Playing
boundaries between different realities
Share your emotions and see how your intentions change the environment around you; created for 2021 GFC XR Brain Jam
An AR simulation game about sustainable farming using regenerative practices