This jam is now over. It ran from 2015-10-10 07:00:00 to 2015-10-17 07:00:00.

How is a Twine jam writing?* A WIDE-EMU Twine Jam

Welcome, everyone. I'm Professor Franny, and this is a Twine jam: an event where people get together (synchronously or asynchronously) to build a game or interactive story using Twine, delimited by some invention constraints. (For example, "make a virtual pet" or "make a Twine of 300 words or less".)

Your challenge is to write a Twine game that is about a _______, ________ who has a problem: ___________. The solution to their problem must involve ___________. The answers to these blanks will be determined by a random choice of options from this link (conveniently, built in Twine):

The game must involve at least 10 passages and two forks (places where the player can choose more than one option to move forward).

You may work in a group of any size. Obviously. You are here by your own volition so you can really do what you want...but when I do this in class with my students, I need to tell them this.

While you are not required by the challenge to use advanced features like variables and expressions, they may help you make a more advanced and interesting game. Likewise, finding a cool CSS format for the game and/or including pictures may make the game more fun and interesting.

The game must be exported as an html file (click "publish to file" from the lower left hand menu) and posted online so that others can play it.

You can upload it to here--you need to re-name your twine game "index.html" and put it inside of a zip file. If you want to link to it instead and share it another way that, you can host it on your own public server space if you have it, or Dropbox, or Philomela (, requires twitter log-in).

More info and notes in a google doc here!

*Maybe what is a better question is, it's obvious this is writing. You...type words and connect them. But how can we value it more like it were a similarly complex piece of linear writing?