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Go then, there are other worlds than these...

We Deal in Lead is a weird west wanders adventure game about hardened gunslingers exploring fallen & crumbling worlds filled with dangerous folk, lost mysteries, and unspeakable monstrosities, inspired by The Dark Tower by Stephen King.

What can you submit?

  • Make an adventure, world, regionNPC, or encounter for We Deal in Lead (or anything else you feel inspired to create!)
  • The Drifted World, the setting of We Deal in Lead, sits at a nexus of time and space; through lost slip doors, gunslingers travel into other worlds and eras
  • We Deal in Lead was built to be compatible with Cairn and Into the Odd, so along with gunslingers travelling into those worlds and adventures, adventurers from other systems and settings can also traverse into the Drifted World

What to know:

  • Use the free SRD (System Reference Document):
  • Feel free to submit multiple entries!
  • Make sure to tweet your submission @byodinsbeardrpg so I can shout about it!
  • This is just for fun - there's no judging and no prizes, though I'll create a Collection of We Deal in Lead supplements on my profile
  • I encourage you to put a price on your games, because work should be rewarded. I also encourage you to make use of the Community Copies initiative, so that those in financial need are still able to play these games
  • If you want to call your entry a We Deal in Lead supplement, don't forget to include the legal language laid out in the licence, and use the logos if you want to!
  • I won't approve any kind of creation that promotes bigotry or hatred and if the creation used the We Deal in Lead - 3rd Party Licence and Logo, you'll need to remove it


If you haven't played We Deal in Leadpick up the PDF, or grab a community copy if you're suffering financial hardship.

This Game Jam was inspired by the Wretched & Alone Game Jam by Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders and the Primal Jam by Diogo Nogueira.


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Mausritter X We Deal In Lead
A Mark of the Odd, multisystem campaign framework.
Mount up with 100 randomly generated horses for Cairn or other Mark of the Odd RPGs
Adventure for We Deal In Lead
A world of endless brutalist concrete and eerie absences
Hunt Outlaws in a Crumbling World
The whales and the water have come to a desert canyon - are they just meat or a portent of the world to come?
Unofficial small miscellaneous additions for We Deal In Lead
Trade one life for another in this adventure for We Deal In Lead
Expanded tables for making guns for We Deal in Lead