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Create for Primal Quest - Weird Stone & Sorcery Adventure Game

Here's what you need to know:

  • Primal Quest  is a streamlined set of rules for weird stone & sorcery adventures in a mythical world where humanity survives side by side with dinosaurs, aliens, and creatures more ancient than the world itself.
  • Make a game that uses the Primal Quest system an/or setting/genre (check out the free SRD here).
  • Your creation doesn't necessarily need to follow every rule and convention created for Primal Quest. Pull the system apart, see what breaks and what you can change, and use it to create things other could not with your own ideas.
  • Create for the world of Thaia too! The setting of the game is vast and unknown. There are a lot of mysteries and weirdness in the world. The Primal Quest - Essentials book came with a Hex Map with various locations that were not fully detailed. Why not explore one of them?
  • Feel free to submit multiple entries!
  • Make sure to tweet your submission @diogo_oldskull so I can shout about it!
  • This is just for fun! There's no judging and no prizes, though I created a Collection of Primal Quest - 3rd Party Publications that will appear on my itchio profile.
  • I encourage you to put a price on your games, because work should be rewarded. I also encourage you to make use of the Community Copies initiative, so that those in financial need are still able to play these games.
  • If you want to you can use the Primal Quest - Compatibility License and Logo, don't forget to include the legal language laid out in the text, and use the logo if you want to!
  • Any kind of creation that promotes hate WILL BE EXCLUDED from the JAM, and if the creation used the Primal Quest - Compatibility License and Logo, they will need to remove it.

If you're yet to play Primal Quest - Weird Stone & Sorcery Adventure Game, get Primal Quest - Essentials right now! It contains all the rules of the game and a mini-hexcrawl scenario do explore! Additionally, it's PAY WHAT YOU WANT (including FREE).


Here are some cool resources you can use in your creations!

This Game Jam was inspired by the Wretched & Alone Game Jam by Chris Bissette and Matt Sanders. Thank you for the inspiration and for all the great work both of you have put out!


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Paleo-Faith and Proto-Religion for PRIMAL QUEST
Gear & Crafting for the age of Stone & Sorcery
A streamlined supplement of solo rules for Primal Quest Essentials.
Communication rules for Primal Quest
Battle and Betrayal in the quest for the Root Crown
Mushroom supplement - mini-setting, adversaries, treasure!
Random tables for use in creating people and things in primal locations.
This is a mini-setting​ that contains a main adventure to the Primal Quest Jam 2022
Role Playing
New monsters, loot, and quests for your weird stone and sorcery games!
Primal Quest meets Lasers and Feelings in this Stone and Sorcery Adventure Game
A quick and varied generator for primeval settlemets and tribes.
Six otherworldly encounters for your Stone & Sorcery game!
Optional Injury and Trauma rules for Primal Quest
Un suplemento simplificado de reglas para jugar en solitario Primal Quest Essentials.
Starry Night Explorers is a campaign module for PRIMAL QUEST ESSENTIALS