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All families have skeletons in their closets
Submitted by Tobias V. Langhoff (@Spug) — 3 hours, 47 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Enjoyment#13.1673.167
Gameplay Enjoyment#22.6672.667
Use of Theme#23.8333.833

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I was wondering did you use RPG Maker to make this? The reason why I ask is because it functions like an RPG Maker game like confirming with space and using space to speed up text. If that is true, I also made my game jam in RPG Maker but,  it wasn't as polished as your game. I think if I worked the last day instead of posting it then I think I could have made a better game. Despite that I had fun with it and I plan on expanding on its ideas further after  I finish my current game.


Hey! No, I actually used bitsy, which is a very small and restrictive engine. Basically all it can make are narrative "games" like this, that move from room to room telling a story through text. On the other hand it makes it really easy to make games like this! It's the first time I used bitsy (and my first purely narrative game), and I considered using a multi-purpose engine, but have wanted to try bitsy for a while. I'll definitely check out your game too!

It was the perfect engine for this game. I use RPG Maker because I have become very familiar with it through the course of this year. Is this your first ever game you made or did you make another game through another engine?


I've made a few games before, but mostly very small games (like block puzzle games mostly), and never anything with a significant narrative. I've mostly used PICO-8 before, never tried RPG Maker!

I have never heard of PICO-8, based on your description it somewhat with making puzzle games.  I like to use RPG Maker because I like RPGs since they are more story focused which are the kind of games I like. Although with my Game Jam entry I wanted to see if  I could make something that wasn't an RPG.


Well, you can make anything in PICO-8, not just puzzle games. It's not really better for any one genre. But it has lots of restrictions that make it better for smaller games, like a 128x128 resolution, 16 colors, restricted memory, etc. Basically you can make small, old school pixel art games with it, like NES or Commodore 64 and similar stuff.

That makes sense. There is a boon in the recreation of retro styled games in recent years so it makes sense