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Ruffian : SteamCraftView game page

Submitted by vinzmyko, Konstantin Mishtalov, Ethan Crooks — 19 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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This is a really unique take on the genre, I'm impressed! It's clear a lot of thought went into the customisation and results in deep and engaging gameplay - tweaking your design and finding out through experimentation which combinations work best can easily become addictive. The sounds and artwork are effective and consistent, with some polish on user experience this would easily be marketplace worthy - congrats to the whole team!


I regret ranking other games so high on innovation right now, because this game is far beyond what I expected. The ship building mechanic is executed flawlessly, and balancing seems to be something that has also been thought through. The gameplay itself could use some work though. It's not so much about how the game plays that's an issue, it's more about the use of colour and sprites. An example of this is how the enemy bullets are such a faded red that they blend almost seamlessly with the background. This, combined with the fact that bullets are rendered behind buildings made for a lot of bullshit moments where I felt the game was being unfair against me. But when it comes down to it, all of my issues are with the polish of the game. Polish this game to hell, with proper UI boxes, a more coherent art style, maybe a few more visual and sound effects, and this game could go straight to market in my opinion. Well done, team!


Just wow, a perfectly functional, visually pleasing, very entertaining game with a catchy tune and good sound affects, leaving very little to complain about, but there are 2 very minor issues. Firstly it would have been nice for it to have an exit button instead of having to ALT+ TAB, and seccondly, in the ship crafting menu if you hold down the arrows that move the part selection UI left and right it moves...infinitely, so you can keep holding left until the parts are no longer visible and the part buttins keep movin further and further away off screen. Overall an amazing game with very minor problems that really didnt affect theexperience negatively.


Oh wow, I am impressed. This reminds me of the gummi ship building on Kingdom hearts, and that is one of my favourites - which makes me a little biased.

I would like to point out that the bullets coming from turrets were a little difficult to see, I was wondering why I was taking damage for a portion of the time I was playing.

Nevertheless, a really fun game and an awesome concept to build upon.


Really good submission! I loved the visuals and the customisation at the start really makes the game stand out and added a more interesting element. The sound effects were really good and helped improve the overall player experience. The game itself I found to be challenging but also really fun! Amazing job, your team should be super happy! :))))


Was not expecting something like this, really loved the idea of making your own ship before playing the game the main scene was well designed and could tell a lot of effort was put into this, the background audio and sound effects worked really well and fitted this game and even having the challenge aspect of trying to find a successful build which I enjoyed working and trying different ways, only negative I would say is did find it hard to quit the game and having to use windows key to exit every time instead of pressing a quit game button, other than that this was a great submission so well done all involved!