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fall in love amongst stars ・゚*。💫
Submitted by Angela He (@zephybite)

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I agree with the comment from @Tache. Your games create a sort of strong melancholy/grief with a sense of hope that doesn't overpower it. It's like directly feeding the feeling of "things hurt a lot, but they might get better" through the game.  The way the stories are told as well as the stories themselves are also astounding. I honestly believe that I haven't come across any media that does what they do as well as they do. A few come close but fall short either with the story or the portrayal. The games can be finished quickly (1st playthrough). This seems to really show how amazing they are at impacting the player in such a short amount of time.

Sometimes it's hard to feel like everything is actually real, but the emotion your games evoke helps me feel "lucid" (not sure if there's a better word?).

It's amazing that your games are free (while you still accept payment). It's nice to know as many people as possible have access to your work.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank You


I really love that eerie happiness you communnicate with your games it's a really strong feeling :)