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Jurassic Bark - Jam VersionView game page

Life uh.... finds a way
Submitted by Peridop (@peridopp) — 1 hour, 10 minutes before the deadline
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  • The gameplay is relatively straightforward and has a variety of items that makes it interesting to continue playing. However, the minigame that happens during night time (click on the intruder) is tedious and too long. I wish there was an option to accelerate the time or to skip this phase entirely. Other than that, its fun and engaging.
  • This was really good, and something you should be proud of. I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. Look at adding some sounds (music and effects), they can really add a lot to a game. 2. You have a really nice intro clip, but then the Main Menu is very boring and empty. Thing about the flow of your game and what people see. One of the first things seen is your Main Menu, it can be worth spending a bit of time polishing it and adding some of your art to it. 3. It was good to see you had a tutorial in the game. However I'd also have this in your Main Menu and look at adding tooltips to the various in game buttons, so that people know what they do. 4. Think about adding a game speed toggle so that people can speed up certain parts of the game. 5. Think about what will happen when someone 100% the game. Do they unlock a new map which is more awkward to work with? Are their more bandits or new mechanics? The game was great, but have a think about the replayability. Like I said though, this was really good and something you should be happy with!
  • I would have prefered a bit less text and more progress bars in terms of UI. The change in gameplay between night and day was great, though lacked a bit more action during the night but it felt refreshing. The evolution and unlocking of dogs was nice and I liked the theme a lot. Thanks for your hard work !
  • This is quite a brave design choice to have gone for, given how complex it can be to implement it fully, but you have given it a really good effort. The biggest let down is the lack of audio. I would strongly recommend implementing that as a next step. The game has a few bugs,: - camera picking is sometime off - you can interact with the game world through the ui (when in the shop) - the shop first opens only showing dogs you cant buy - the dog shop scroll bar is under the close shop button - you cant go back to the shop menu when in a sub menu - the [esc] key should bring up the pause menu However please don't be discouraged by the bug list, none of these are major (or serious issues), but these are the types of things that would take your project to the next level which would get you invited to a interview of the back of! Well done.
  • A novel concept, with a number of features implemented, a common theme this year is the need for compromise - scope versus quality of execution and polish

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