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Attack of the Killer Taint!View game page

Save the animals from the ever expanding taint!
Submitted by Will (@WillRDAkins) — 4 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Attack of the Killer Taint!'s page


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  • A good attempt and I like the idea. Sadly no source code was provided so I will focus my feedback on the design part and the overall look and feel of the game. I like the idea of fighting against the inevitable, while still providing a mechanic to buy yourself more time. It's clearly visually communicated in a pleasing way that fits the overall feel of the game. You ramp up the difficulty when you save more and more animals in the shape of bombs falling from the sky, which is a cool thing and introduces an element of unpredictability, though not in an overly intrusive manner. Especially nearing the end, when little of the map is available, I found myself risking falling off for saving animals near the edge. There are a few things I think that would make this game a bit better: - It is not very clear where the player will end up due to the camera always moving along and the tiles are not very distinctive (which is fine). I would introduce a highlight so it's always clear where the player is going, especially after clicking around a couple of times. - Moving towards an animal to save, while the animal is rather actively moving himself often makes it hard to save it. Making them traverse smaller distances, less fast or more predictable would probably improve this. All in all a good attempt and you should be proud of yourself! Well done!
  • Gameplay -Gameplay is fun and engaging -Addictive -Telegraphing the spawning in of animals would be a good idea, as they just appear when they spawn in at the moment. --This would allow the player to start moving toward a location before the animal has spawned in -It would be good to know when I’ve entered a new round, as it can be confusing when my target amount of animals to save goes up UI/UX -Having the objective at the top was a good idea, makes it pretty clear what I should be doing -Clicking a tile works good, but clicking a tile multiple times will cause your avatar to start from the current tile --makes moving really jerky at times Features -Pretty standard for a prototype, but they get the job done! Creativity, Design & Originality -Design is interesting -Interesting approach (starting from the code base) to the design Summary: As a prototype this would be a great start. It outlines the basic mechanics of the game and executes on them. The game loop is pretty fun and if extended upon could be a really fun game. Note: While “taint” does mean, “bad”, it’s also slang for the perineum, so you may want to keep that in mind.
  • Nice and interesting topic and theme, creative mechanics and lovely musics. Extensive efforts on feedback, juice of the game could be found on the progressive range to save the animals, the randomly destoryed tiles Improvements: 1. Player will lag back for fast clicks. 2. Animals collection is based on the instant calculation but not visual progression. 3. There is not enough UI/UX guide to clearify the idea of rounds 4. Some audios may not be fit to it's usage, for example the save animal effects could not clearly convey you are saving something. Overall it is a very nice game and thank you for your participation!
  • Novel concept, well executed.
  • Gameplay is simple but there are some bugs in the movement of the character. UI is functional but again too simple. I wish the game had more polish and more depth
  • This was really good and something you should be proud of, I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. You created a really good vertical slice of what your game would be. This is great, it can be better to spend the time making something polished than something bigger with missing features. One thing to think about next time would be to make sure you have time at the end to fix any bugs and make sure the game is balanced. 2. You have it on your game page, but think about adding a Settings (especially as you have SFX) and a How to Play. 3. From your report, I know you didn't want to change too much of the codebase, but maybe think about tweaking the controls a bit. Don't feel like you need to rely on the pathfinding of the player, try different things until you find what feels best for your game. Like I said, great job, really happy to see something that's been contained and well rounded.
  • Game is fun to play and provides an interesting challenge. I liked trying to save the animals and they wander around because it provides an interesting guessing game. The UI works really well in the game, the only thing I would say is it does not block input allowing me to move to spaces covered by the UI. I liked being able to restore tainted land and think it would be nice to have some kind of super charge where I could recover fallen pieces of land. I think the game would work better with arrow keys then using the mouse to move.

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