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Tower DefenseView game page

Created as part of SFASX 2020
Submitted by acgames (@AlexClarkeGames) — 5 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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  • I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. Regardless of how much time you have for a project, its usually worth spending time first to plan what you're going to make, and how you'll spend that time to make it happen. It can be better to create a small polished vertical slice of your game with room to grow, as opposed to shooting for the stars and ending up with something that's half finished and buggy. 2. If you're short on time, a quick win can be difficulty options. Add some basic levers to tweak enemy spawning/health and set up an Easy/Medium/Hard. You'll then have something with a lot more replayability from a small amount of work (it also makes balancing easier). 3. Another small thing you could add would be a return to menu. Make it easy for people to restart or play again.
  • Has potential if further developed, basic elements work well together
  • It was a good effort to convert the project from the initial point+click to a basic tower defence. As you highlighted, you didn't spend a lot of time on it and there are a number of major bugs showing. For prototypes, first impressions can make a big difference. Even a little bit of polish goes a long way. It would have been nice to see just little bits of 'juice' to give your game more of a 'game' feel. You mentioned looking into coroutines, coroutines on GameObjects in Unity are great for throwing together little pieces of animation for prototype code, however, they're not the easiest things to work with in real production code. You could have set up some coroutines to run very basic animations on your towers e.g: - scale up and drop down into place for tower placement - laser fade in/out - dead body fade out - shake the trees is the go-to video for some basic things to try out that will help make games/demos stand out. I advise not using 3D UI for basic prototypes. As you quickly discovered, it usually leads to more problems than it's worth - especially with Unity, to fix it as it currently stands, you'll probably want to look into using layers and multiple cameras. You already managed to grab some free assets for use in your game but it might have been worth grabbing some more to quickly replace the front end menu UI elements and to find some basic sound effects to use. Kenney has a whole heap of stuff that can be used (I've used his stuff for little demos) and there are many more sites online where you can grab stuff. You could have added some quick elements to give your game some progression without costing you too much effort: - increase enemy speed with higher rounds/time - increase enemy health with higher rounds/time - colour changes to indicate something's different and again, you had a basic tower but you could've added some simple upgrades by just tweaking their damage and fire rates, this just adds content with minimal effort which is what these sort of prototypes need.

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