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Red Sky RushView game page

Speed survival game
Submitted by sabs546 — 1 hour, 11 minutes before the deadline
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  • It doesn't seem it quite came together in time, as I had a lot of trouble getting the gathering to work so couldn't get as far as trying out the crafting and defence aspects, but the game idea is a strong one. Sounds like you were new to Unity, and that you learned a lot along the way. I sympathise on animation - it can be frustrating in Unity. Tim Page, Well Played Games
  • Overall: - I like the closer up camera to the player, made the game feel more closed in. I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing whilst the timer was ticking down, but when the sky went red and bad guys appeared I just ran away. - At the edges of the world I'd suggest adding some form of barrier (a fence maybe) and then have the field continue. It seemed a little odd for it to end in white. - There seem to be quite a few bugs, so I'm guessing the project wasn't completed. The skeletons surrounded me at one point and they were all facing the wrong way attempting to strike me. When I let them kill me, the character did fall down, but the game didn't end. It was quite funny watching him bobble around on his back side, although I'm sure that wasn't the intention. - Also, I'd fix the issue that occurs when you select a position to move to and the character sort of pops back a little.
  • I see what you were aiming for, but it seems technical issues have held the game back. From the get go its rather unclear what I'm supposed to do, eventually I figured that the sound when I click on things must mean I am gathering them, attempting to craft anything other then a fence appeared to fail. When the timer when negative nothing appeared to happen, chickens remained friendly, and no skeletons. I would go back to this game, and give it another few weeks of polish, take the features you have and make them all work. A quick to access game with a 2-3 minute play cycle is wonderful as a portfolio piece, especially if you can package it up into a HTML5 playable game.
  • User experience needs a lot of work, as the core game is very hard to digest. I don't feel like I could see what it was you were trying to make because I couldn't figure out what the controls were to do the things I think I needed to do. Survival games can be fun, but without a larger goal, or a hope for respite, the game feels too much like a devil-daggers style last as long as you can, which could be okay, but not in this form. The game needed some more on screen information about what was possible and the threat level. I managed to avoid the skeletons for a long time while still trying to figure out the controls, and had thirty or so of them harassing me when I finally figured out there was a crafting menu. I never did figure out how I was able to gather wood. Nothing I did made sense as to why it worked when it did and why it didn't work when it didn't. I think I have it finally figured out, but it's still hit and miss, something to do with left click and then right click? Without instructions, it's very hard to figure out.
  • This was good, I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. The Main Menu is usually the first thing that people will see in the game, so it can be worth spending the time to add a bit of polish to it. 2. Before starting the project, be sure to spend the time planning what you're going to make and the basic flow/structure of the game. Aim to make a polished vertical slice of something which can be built upon, instead of trying to do many things. 3. Think about adding a "How to Play" screen, explaining the goal of the game and the controls. 4. Think about adding a Game Over screen/state. As I mentioned in 2, think about the flow of your game: Menu -> Gameplay Phase 1 -> Gameplay Phase 2 -> Game Over -> Menu/Replay and how you want to represent each stage. Like I said, this was good, and something you should be proud of making!

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