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Lurking In The DarkView game page

An echolocation horror game Made for the sumo digital rising star 2020
Submitted by davidtaylor6130 — 10 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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  • Great !. Even a bit far from the assignment it looks great , has a good gameplay and UI. Definitely a great start. I was surprised to see this was a rising star project. Keep it up!
  • I'm not sure how related to the brief it is, but if you had a game idea you needed to get out of your head, I can definitely respect that. A really nice concept...kind of Subnautica-lite, I reckon. With a project like this the goal is to make a whole game without it becoming too big a task to finish and you made some really smart decisions to achieve that. The echolocation is a wonderful mechanic, and the atmosphere of the game was spot on. And the monster made me jump, you'll be happy to hear! Great work! Tim Page Well Played Games
  • This was good, I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. In a project like this (or like a Game Jam), be careful about having an idea of what you're going to make before you even see the codebase and project that will be given to you. I believe the goal of this assignment was to see what you can come up with, and how can you reuse existing code/assets, not what game can you make. 2. It was good that you had a design plan, and I disagree about what you said in your conclusion about moving away from features in a version. In a project like this, it can be better to make a small polished game which you can add to, as opposed to creating something bigger but is incomplete/buggy. However, try to make sure that you have bug fixing/balancing at every stage and not just the last one. Also for something like this, I'd have controller support at the end of the project. I'd rather have a more well rounded and complete game, as opposed to something I can play with a controller. 3. Rather than looping through an array to find your Pro Controller, look at Unity's input manager and Axis instead ( this way you can map keyboard and controller buttons together. 4. In your conclusion you mentioned that if doing this again you'd do the models yourself. I understand why you'd want to do that, but be careful that that doesn't take away your time from making something that is polished and fun to play. Like I said, this was good and something you should be proud of.
  • The atsmosphere is quite good and scary but even after several tries, It was hard for me to understand the real purpose of the game. I wish I had a real objective or more clues on where to go. Other than that, the UI elements could be better. The idea of the game it itself is nice and the echolocation sight is a smart idea for a game of this genre.
  • A good game, with the makings of something that could be rather tense. However, I feel like this is a little far away from the base, a concern correllated by the documentation that lists this as a prior game idea being used now.

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Sumo Digital Rising Star

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