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The CatgeonView game page

A meowlicious dungeon crawler
Submitted by Rhime — 6 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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  • This is a brilliant project! This could be used as is, as a demo for a portfolio. However, I would recommend spending some time working on a small tutorial system introducing the basics such as movement, attack and changing weapons. Other than that, well done :-)
  • This was really good and something you should be proud of. I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. It was good to read that you focused on making the base of your game and then building upon it. You might not like doing UI, but its best not to leave that until the end. Make sure its something you deal with as part of your base in case something goes wrong with your time. 2. Balancing can be a tricky thing to do. To make it easier, you can add levers for your AI and then add different difficulty options (Easy/Medium/Hard) which then change each of those levers. 3. Try to give your Main Menu a bit of visual love. Its the first thing that people see so can set the tone for what they will expect. 4. In your report you mentioned editing a copy of something. Have a look at passing things by reference ( this can be useful in some cases, as any edits won't be applied to the copy. Like I said, this was really good and something you should be happy with!
  • A very impressive entry (and write-up). You say you went overboard - it's clear you put a lot of time and energy into it, but you worked smartly and the result is a very finished feeling product. Sensible UI decisions, excellent use of third party assets. Good feature set. The dungeon generation is the star of the show - especially the secondary features like water and decoration. Great work! Tim Page Well Played Games
  • Gameplay - Your variables in some scripts have inconsistent naming conventions. Sticking to a single convention is beneficial regardless of which convetion is chosen (i.e. rigidbody vs LaunchAngle in ArchingProjectile.cs and AnimatorIdleSpeed vs isRunning in Character.cs) - At some points you opt to prepend some variables with the letter 'm' which is a very common notation seen in C++ to point out member variables. Personally, I don't see a need for them in C# and again they are used inconsistently, it would probably be best to refactor these out of your code - as it stands it could come across as confusing to other programmers reading your code - Sidenote: you can use [Header("Heading")] to group your variables in the editor and make them more readable (and use & to concatentate Attributes on a specific variable in code) - Project structure is very good for Prefabs and other Assets and that could be reflected too in the Scripts folder as currently it has very little structure Features - The game concept itself is very simple and there are very clear instructions on the download page of the game. I really like how well laid out and effective the instructions are at communicating the mechanics of the game - Progression inside of the game felt pretty balanced and satisfying to play. Combat felt interesting and quite well balanced with very interesting interaction between abilities UI/UX - There are a few "game feel" improvements that you could make in the game which would create a more satisfying experience. For example, either having the camera 'lag' behind the character, or offsetting its position based on the mouse position will make the view feel less restrictive for the player while maintaining a focus on the player's character - There could be more cues given to the player when the state of the game changes (i.e. the next floor is open to move to) such as more visible changes on the UI, screenshake, clear Sound FX indicating change etc. - Sometimes the movement inside of the game could be a little jarring (stutters in character movement or dropped inputs) but overall it was intuitive for the player - The randomly generated rooms are a very nice touch and really add to the replayability of the game. I couldn't find any bugs with them during my time playing - It wasn't instantly obvious that doors were interactable inside of the game. It could be beneficial to add a shader, material change, or an icon on objects like that which are interactable when the player hovers over them Creativity - The documentation of the game and process you took to develop it are detailed and give a strong insight to your struggles and achievements. Your self-reflection both during development and post-development show that you have learned a lot. You weren't afraid to admit that you didn't understand some things, but also didn't let that stop you, putting in the commitment required to understand them. That is a great mindset and skill to have as a developer - You have also shown strong design skills and the fact you spent some of your time planning has definitely added to the quality of the final version of the game Conclusion - A really cool and well polished game with lots of potential! I encountered no big issues during playtime and the game itself was simple to pick up and play. Combat was satisfying and the game has lots of replay value due to the random dungeon generation
  • This was a very well taught dungeon crawler with skills, minimap , level progression and shield mechanics. I caught a bug with controls and told him about it , to which he agreed , fixed and uploaded the next day. The gameplay was simple no doubt but what I liked was he tried to implement as many things a dungeon crawler needs and his documentation was very detailed about it from UI to how the player gains xp , damage output and 3 player abilities. Left a lot of things that can be expanded upon the current game which is good.

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