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Indiana Joe is a game created by Oceane Peretti for the Search of a Star challenge
Submitted by ~ Oceane Peretti ~ — 9 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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  • The game feels like a very very early work in progress prototype. Moving around was frustrating because I had to click to move somewhere, but if I clicked again the character would stop. It would have been nice to queue clicks and continue moving or hold the mouse button down and the character would keep moving as long as the button is pressed. The combat felt tacked on and like it did not really belong in the game. I think trying a new mechanic in place of combat would fit the game better. What if you could place traps and try to trick the monsters to walking over them? It was difficult to aim at the monsters with the sword so it felt out of place. I liked that the player had to discover the game by themselves by collecting things and seeing what they did. I think you can expand upon that for your core game loop.
  • First submission with sounds! Nice additions! I liked the Character customisation and the game idea is nice but good. Unfortunately I encountered several bugs on the way and some things were not clear: first of all when you click on the box there is no animation and it happened a few times I couldn't open despite I had both an hammer and a key. Speaking of hammer and key: a small UI would have been nice to have. I have to mention that the small cursor you place under the mouse should have been left at the ground level, maybe colourising it differently depending on the tile (if you can go there or no, or if you can interact with something or not). Also in my 2nd play through the enemies got stuck in their position and didn't attack me anymore :( But at least I've got an amasing high score! Yay! Since you mention AI I'll give you a few suggestions. The first is the Finished State Machine which is a very very important concept, everything in programming, and specially in game programming, evolves around that: the game state is a State Machine, a class itself can have a State Machine for its behaviour (think of a Character mover: you can move, attack, interact, they are all state). Consequentially a simple AI can be created using a FSM. Would follow this path you can move to Behaviour Tree, which are one of the main implementation for AI. A little bit more polished and this submission would have been one of my favourite so far.
  • Wonderful, it's clear that you took time to work out how you could take what you were given, and turn it into a playable game, while factoring time to make sure you polished up the experience.
  • A nice well-scoped entry in the contest. Cute UI and well-done character customisation.
  • This was good, I just wanted to give some general feedback: 1. Try altering the pathfinding that is used for the player and use that for the enemies, instead of a Nav Mesh. 2. With the Tutorial, avoid having a wall of text. Instead try to make up across various pages and include helpful images. 3. Try showing the path the player will take, so that you can see which gems you will walk across. As I said, this was good and something you should be happy with.

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Search For A Star

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