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Rising Star entry Animation Xaver Rauscher
Submitted by Xaver Rauscher — 6 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#141.6332.000

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  • Files have no maya files and no preview videos? Hard to review no files :/
  • Multiple angles of animations can be useful to get a better view of certain aspects and movements. Even better is something similar to sketch fab where the animations can be viewed from all angles and frame by frame. **Idle** - The idle has a nice neutral stance, with enough offset throughout the body to make it appealing as a pose. - Try to avoid twinning, especially with the aspects as large as the wings (when breathing, they extend and retract at the same frames) - I'm not sure what control you had for the wings, but offsetting the outer tips and giving a bit of movement in them will help give them a more natural feeling. **Power Up** - Nice transition into a much more aggressive and ready pose. The drastic change of pose will help the player understand a change in state for the character. It's got a strong base and is primed ready to push forward. - Similar issue with the wings again, which suggests there might not have been the joints there for you to play with. The additional secondary motion and overlap really helps for the wings, especially when they're large compared to the character. **Attack** - Really push the anticipation pose for this attack, have the demon sink right back and down, shifting her weight fully onto the back leg. From this compressed position, like a pinball spring, really explode her out. You've got good energy, but it can be pushed to the extreme. - The final hit feels a bit lackluster. A strike might have had more impact than the forearm check. It's difficult to tell without going frame to frame, but it feels like the demon slows up before impact, at the very least it's translation feels linear. To really sell the impact of the hit, having the translation ramp up to the very end, will give go a long way to conveying the power. From this, the body can react to the external force of hitting a solid object and how much time it takes them to recover, which can indicate their level of sturdiness. - The hips feel like they hit a wall after impact. Use motion trails to track the arcs of the root and other limbs. This can help with overshooting and conveying weight on the settle. This piece definitely has potential. Overall, poses could be pushed and another pass on the timing would help. Really analyzing the Witcher 3 reference frame by frame should help give an indication as to what areas you might be able to improve upon.

Challenge Tier

Sumo Digital Rising Star

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