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Ruby Rose Game AnimationView project page

Animation for Search for a Star
Submitted by Chris J. Tuck — 8 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#14.0004.000

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Judge feedback

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  • We love your gantt chart, and other things about this project. We thought It was really impressive how much animation you have done here, that your body mechanics were ambitious and you handled it well. Some feedback, although its fun to work on those secondary motions, you've got to really nail down that primary motion first, for instance, the first two turns the hips seem to move really only in 1 axis. Also check some of your moving holds as they seem to be holding more than moving, we refer to that as 'hitting a wall'. But other positives, we loved your problem solving and your honesty. The workflow you have shown here is really good and you've gone the extra mile putting it in a scene.
  • Hey Great job. I have a few notes that may help this along. Idle: The initial idle maybe have her look around slightly and have it a bit longer, she seems a bit dead here. I love the cleaning the shoe part, the weight feels nice also! When she does turn and look around lead with the head more, will make it more natural just offset her head curve to come in earlier. Catch and spin: Love this! Can see you put some time into this part, just watch out for it been poppy when it goes back into the axe, maybe add some more frames to that section. The first transition is fantastic, works really well! Backflips and shoot: This is your weakest element in my mind of the whole piece. The first part works well. The leaning back off balance needs work as if looks strange currently and is too many frames so you can see the odd pose. The big spin-up is cool and looks nice! The shoot pose at the top could be more dynamic, see some of the overwatch play of games when they do the slow-mo poses. The backflip out of it looks a bit linear and straight. maybe offset the spine more and have her land at an angle then adjust her feet/weight to get back into her idle. Also, the hands pop off into the idle, this needs to be smoother. Overall this is a solid piece of work, some polish items and nicer posing for silhouettes and you are onto a winner :)
  • Overall I like the concept and the animation is done quite well. I would add more overlap and overshoot to you animation as currently its quite stiff when you the character goes to each pose, especially the middle section when she throws the weapon in the air and catches it. You can see its very pose to pose. You need to loosen her up more to break up the pose to pose effect. Also that sections timing is on a too even beat. Break up the timing more so maybe when she throws the weapon in the air, it can hold for longer, before it quickly comes back down into her next pose. You have done it with the last section where she jumps in the air and lands in the anticipation pose which holds for longer before going into the attack, which i quite like. You can also add some squash and stretch and smearing,in there too especial when she is jumping up and down. When she jumps up, you can really hold her feet onto the ground longer till they really stretch (only one or two frames though), before catching up with the body. Likewise before she lands, you can stretch her feet out so it hits the ground first (again, only a couple of frames or so), before the rest of the body catches up with the feet.

Challenge Tier

Search For A Star
Sumo Digital Rising Star

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