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Velociraptor 3 hit combo- SFASX jam 2020
Submitted by Kirstie — 24 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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Research + Development#92.4493.000

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  • No files to review? Documentation all looks good though :)
  • Overall, this a strong piece of animation. The 3 - hit combo came together really nicely and it's great to see the influence your research into fighting games has had on the final outcome. Strong Areas: - Engaging idle, the energetic and erratic head movement conveys a creature who is on high alert and ready to react at any moment. - Powerful and snappy bite, that really benefits from the brief moving hold after the second attack and full extension of the head/neck - Believable creature motion and weighting. Options that could improve this piece: - Anticipation feels lacking from the initial attack. I understand that it needs to be responsive for gameplay, but feel it's lacking the initial compression before exploding out into the initial kick. Might be an option to cut straight to a compressed pose whilst keeping the timing. - Feels like the 2nd hit would miss the target. Having the creature pivot sideways with the initial kick could give you the angle to whip the tail round to hit the enemy. It would require more time to recover into the 3rd strike, but you could make the initial attacks a quick 1-2 followed by the heavy strike at the end. - On timing, the strikes felt like they fell on the same beat as each other. Breaking this up could give a more interesting result - It would be nice to see the changes in height/angle throughout the attacks. Play with the root to show the transition of weight. Maybe the tail swipe could be a low strike - Difficult with the fighter genre and need to recover quickly, but a bit flair could be interesting to see during this bit. Perhaps a jump back into position? Areas to watch out for: - Be wary of your loops and rouge keys messing them up. In the idle, it looks like the front arms/claws were on a cycle but snaps on the 3rd cycle - The base of the tail feels quite stiff, although it is a fine balance to keep musculature tail it might just benefit from some more movement. - Might just be the shots cutting between each other, but theres considerable snapping when transitioning from the recovery to idle. It would be great to see what you do with the shot if you get some spare time to continue working on it. Feels like a really good foundation and that with some tweaks here and there could turn to be a high quality piece.

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Yo, this is sick 


Hey thanks a bunch :D Good luck in the contest~