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Samantha: Fiery WitchView game page

#GamesAnimation #Gameplay #Witch #Orc #Fight #Fantasy #Mistery #GradsInGames
Submitted by MaciejOsuch — 15 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#33.3333.333

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  • Hey, Awesome work. I have a few pointers that may help. Idle: This works well, the only thing is the fire is a bit repetitive, maybe have it stay on for a bit then close her hand to turn it off anf back on at different times to break it up. Walk: The walk works well but is way too slow, feels like a different character to the run also. Needs speeding up as players would get frustrated at that pace. Run: I think this could be improved, the character pops a lot on the cycle frames and also if you added some wider arms like the idle etc. it would keep to the character more. Attacks: The attacks are your best work, they both work well and the big attack is lovely! Power Up: This needs to be faster, it takes too long. Also, look at Dragonball z you could add some shaking in the body to help sell the power coming through. Overall lovely presentation, the transitions need a lot of work in most cases but that will come with experience! I have animated full aniamtion sets for characters in the past and in engine took days to perfect and make them all work nicely together! Great work and looking forward to seeing where your career takes you :)
  • Idle It's definitely a dynamic pose that nicely conveys the character's readiness to cast a spell. However, I feel the pose could be adjusted to read a little clearer. The initial impression I get is that the character is meant to be holding something in the left hand. Having the weight being slightly back and the spell hand being low down also gives the impression that the character is defensive and possibly scared. If this is the intention, I would perhaps bring the arm across to "protect the character's vital organs". Alternatively, rotating the palm forward would add a submissive element to the character. Power Up Cool animation, but could be built upon by adding more translation into the root motion and really exaggerating the "Wolverine" release with added shake to the hands/arms. Essentially with the translation, it's about pusing the extremes so elevating the character up as they cross their arms and then drop down lower to the ground when they do the "Wolverine" release. Release Again another interesting and dynamic animation. It's good stuff but might benefit from a few additions. Really pushing the translation in the Y and Z axis will bring a more dynamic motion to this animation. The idea of it is great and the motion matches the effect well, it just feels like more power can be added to animation. Orc Death Great to see this extra animation in there. It's going the extra mile (along with the FX). I would exaggerate the initial drop to the knees and perhaps hold the orc there with a moving hold before collapsing over. Nice overlap animation when the orc collapses. I would push this even further so the upper body/head really slams into the ground and show it bouncing up. Overall though the implementation and added visuals with the presentation of these animations were great. The animations were interesting and dynamic and with a few minor tweaks will be great.

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