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Fallow GroundView project page

A hexcrawling TTRPG set in the lowlands. Drown in swamps and tattoo your body with sacred mushroom ink.
Submitted by Shouting Crow (@shoutcrowpress) — 10 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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Fallow Ground's page

My father was my first Game Master. When I was little, he would run simplified dungeons for my siblings and I, featuring goblins and orbs. Then he would put us to bed and tell us stories about his homeland: featuring wise witches who live in holes and demons with frogs for tongues. I often wondered why the two worlds never overlapped.

In what ways does your submission help to celebrate heritage?
I wanted to bring Dutch folklore to the table— the story is about defending an ancient magical forest from industrialization. It’s a thin veil, but you’re literally protecting the myths of my childhood. In reality, that forest is a real place— the Veluwe is now a national park. I wanted to protect my father’s stories the way his homeland has protected that land.

What challenges did you face- if any - in creating your submission?
Fallow Ground has two versions: the original was my first attempt at doing a layout. The new version is significantly improved— I had a lot of new skills to learn in a short period of time!
Also, a lot of Dutch folklore is just plainly rooted in racism and fear of the other. My father edited most of that out in his retellings, and I had to select from what remained to make sure I was celebrating things that are actually worth celebrating. Not all of my heritage is worth being proud about.

What do you hope players will gain from engaging with your submission?
I want people to have a new appreciation for the natural grim cycle of fairy tales. You’ll be a hero, you’ll die, you’ll come back again and again. The pattern will continue until the modern world ruins everything for you or you, against all odds, triumph.
You’ll learn a little about Dutch Folklore, sure, but mostly I just hope you relate to your own heritage.

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