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I made a Random Adventure Title Generator and enough people liked it that I decided to hold a jam. We're going to make tabletop RPG adventures based on the titles it spits out, and it's going to be fun.

The rules in brief:

  • Adventures, not systems. Don't make a new game - make something for a game that already exists.
  • Tabletop RPG adventures only.
  • No Nazis, terfs, bigots, etc. You'll be booted. If you have to ask if this includes you then it does.
  • Charge whatever you want for your work. You deserve to get paid. (Community Copies are encouraged but not mandatory)

Use the generator here to make a title and then write an adventure to go with it. It could be a pamphlet, a zine, whatever. 

Need more inspiration? Nate Treme also has generators for your BBEG and some NPCs.

Write adventures for whatever game you want, or make them system neutral. Hex crawls, point crawls, dungeons, whatever. If you're writing for a system with strict licensing requirements *cough 5e cough* then it's up to you to make sure everything you do follows those rules.


Sure, why not. Nobody is judging this because it's for fun, not a competition, but I'll pick three entries at random and they'll win physical copies of Treasures Of The Troll King, The Green Hag of Greygasp, and my new adventure FEAST. I've also been generously offered prizes by Monkey's Paw Games, Batts, and Michael T. Lombardi. More details on what they are when we know. I'll be selecting winners in January when the jam is over.


There are tons of games you could write for. I've collated a couple of lists here with relevant links. The first are smaller indie games with licenses that you may not have heard of; the second are slightly bigger games that have had more widespread attention; the third are the obvious big hitters. Don't see these lists as exhaustive or instructional - you can write for whatever system you want, or none at all. Feel free to suggest more games in the community boards.

The Indies 

  • Brighthammer by HyveMynd - Rules-lite high fantasy RPG - License info on game page
  • Cairn by Yochai Gal - An old school adventure game - SRD here
  • Domains by Ordoalea Publishing - Narrative horror roleplaying - Open Domains Agreement available from game page
  • Equa! by James Chip - Minimal OSR-adjacent system -  Creative Commons
  • Pinkhack by Monkey's Paw Games - Fantastic role-playing wargames - License info on game page
  • Slayers by Spencer Campbell - Mercenaries and monster hunting - Free Creator Kit available here
  • Sledgehammer by gayhalforc - Rules-lite grimdark RPG - License info on game page
  • Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells by Diogo Nogueira - Rules-lite Star & Sorcery with old school feel - License info
  • Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme - An analog adventure game for nice people - Creative Commons 
  • Vanilla Game by Jared Sinclair - It's a D&D - Flavored By The Vanilla logo available here

The Mids

All links go straight to the legal/license info you need to write for these systems.

The Usual Suspects