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See Jared's Vanilla Game?

Make a hack of it. Or make classes. Or spells. Or monsters. Or whatever.


  • Don't be a fascist, bigot, etc
  • Be excellent
  • Give credit, or don't. Whatever
  • Make sure you use the super official 'unofficial' Vanilla Game hack badge:


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A tomb bound by nostalgia and indulgence
Otherworldly Magics for Jared Sinclair's The Vanilla Game
weapons, vocations & encounters for space adventures in the vanilla game
A Class for Jared Sinclair's Vanilla Game
A little sumthin’ to add to Jared Sinclair’s Vanilla Game
A few extra things for The Vanilla Game.
A class for the Vanilla Game by Jared Sinclair.
Even more vanilla than that white feng shui dude
Gunfighting Rules for The Vanilla Game
Five new classes for The Vanilla Game
a spell easy and available for your fantasy roleplaying needs
A Mass Combat Scenario for The Vanilla Game
A plant-based class for The Vanilla Game