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Long LeashView game page

Spray chaos trough town as an excited dog ! But don't hurt your owner !
Submitted by GuilloTeam (@TeamGuillo), Delphin Casado, JRevel, Igotsi — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline
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Long Leash's page

What did you update?
- We improved a lot the level design
- The dog can now push characters
- We improved the stats system
- There are now 5 "levels" that are a set of objectives you need to do before reaching the end of the level

What you would like feedback on (Optional)
Are the levels properly balanced ? Did you beat all the levels and if you did, how many tries did it take you ? Is there anything that caused you frustration ? And more generally, is the game fun to play ?

Name of updated upload (if downloadable)
Long Leash Post Jam

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You didn't ask for this but here I am anyways: please don't return to menu after completing (or failing) the level, it would be nicer to just restart the level/go to the next one straitght.

One small frustrating thing I noticed was the grandma getting caught on something and not moving at all. Perhaps she could walk slowly or slide along an obstacle?

Completed all levels but 5. The third one took the most tries (about 7-10,  I don't remember the exact number).

Levels 3 and 5 felt too hard for me. Perhaps it's the combination of not having much control of the grandma, having to slow down, and grandma not being able to walk. Also, probably my skills.

On level 5, not knowing the locations of hydrants and having a strict (IMO) time limit made it too hard for me. Perhaps I could make it with enough tries but whatever. Also, there's a small disparity: in the menu it says that I can hurt grandma no more than 15 times but it's actually 10.

Not that sure about the difficulty, perhaps it's just not my kind of game.


The characters feel a bit too heavy. But overall the game has a lot of charm. The levels where you can't hurt grandma or civilians are a bit too hard for my liking but I might just suck at everything.