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Let's celebrate 10 years of OUYA!

The OUYA released on June 25th 2013, starting a revolution to bring back gaming to the big screen (well, sort of). The company is gone, the official servers are offline, but there is still a big group of enthusiasts still playing and developing on a community server. The OUYA lives, 10 years already, and we celebrate it with a Game Jam!

This Jam's Theme

We keep it simple for this one: '10 years' : so we all could think about an idea, that loosely has to do with somthing of 10 years. E.g. time-travel, age difference, a murder mystery, a game that took 10 years in-game-time or has a 10-year-loop.

If you have submitted to a previous OUYA game jam, we would like you to focus on getting updates to these entries! Adding content and or polish to these games goes a long way to improving the available library for OUYA.


What are the prizes? 1st place gets $50! And also a rare developer (clear) controller! Thanks Nachos12341 and Szeraax :D

When does the jam begin? The jam will start June 25th '23 and you get a whole month to develop. Most of the devs will work max 2 weeks on the project, we made it a month because a lot of us have holidays in this period.

When should I submit my game? You can submit your game at any point after the jam begins. If you submit early, you can update the game at any time before the jam closes.

Who will judge the games? Submitters and contributers can vote for the games. If you want to vote on the submissions, you must Join the Jam in order to do so, even if you aren't submitting an entry.

What will the games be judged on? Games will be ranked against the following criteria: theme, enjoyment, creativity and presentation. And it has to run on the OUYA ofcourse.

Who can enter? Anyone, of any age, from anywhere. You can work alone or in teams. If you have an OUYA and would like to participate, but need help to get your OUYA working, head to OUYA world wiki to check out how to bypass the login error, now that the old servers are shut down. If you don't have an OUYA, you can still participate, though you may need to be a bit more tech savvy or utilize someone who does have an OUYA, to be your tester.

What engine can I use? The OUYA is a 10 year old Android device, we made a list with tools and version numbers you can use:

Is there a Discord I can join? Join us on our Discord Server at:

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A tanky twinstick steampunk shooter-crawler for OUYA
Finding Salvation
Do you have what it takes to conquer the underground labyrinth of Nocri?
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Championship boat racing
Ouya only racer, Currently in Beta
Entry for OUYA 10 Year Anniversary JAM 2023
Collect spellbooks while casting spells at enemies. Designed for OUYA.