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A game jam celebrating the 7th anniversary of the OUYA, running from the 25th of June to the 5th of July.

Featured titles from The OUYA Winter Game Jam 2019

Voting will take place between the 5th and the 10th of July. Anyone may vote on the submissions.

This game jam is about encouraging a boost in new games for the OUYA, even if just small ones created in a few days. The OUYA was all about the indie developer getting to publish their games on a console for the first time, and we think it's still good for that!

If you have an OUYA and would like to participate, but need some help to get your OUYA working, head over to to check out how to bypass the login error now that Razer's servers are shut down.

You can also join us on our Discord at:

Or visit our forums at: 

Any games submitted in this jam will appear in October's issue of OUYA FUTURE, A magazine dedicated to the Ouya console, community and it's games. 

Rules - Any game is allowed, as long as it works on OUYA. Please try to keep entries to 1 per person.


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a relaxing and interactive image of a window (with music), only on Ouya
Don't catch the illness
My Entry For Speedgame: Classic 2020
Try to save everyone from disease and don't catch it yourself.
Fast paced HD rail shooter for OUYA
Slide the Cake to Catch the Star, what could possibly be more fun than that?!
Satirical Flappy Bird Style game for OUYA