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The third ever California Monterey Bay State University Communication Design Game Jam

Theme:  Secret of the Dunes

The first Otter Jam asked game developers to explore the unique ecosystem of California coastal redwood forests to “find the heart of the forest.” During second Otter Jam, participants dove over two miles down into the watery depths of the Monterey Canyon. This time, Otter Game Jam explores a place a little closer to the jams home: the Marina sand dunes. A common to sight to those who live in the Monterrey Bay area, the dunes buffer highways, cradle suburbs, and give way to ocean waves. What secrets are out there? Join the third otter game jam to find out!

What kind of places are the dunes? Windy. Exposed. Hot or Cold. Smelling of ocean spray and sand; the sun-bleached mounds rocking and rolling the blue horizon, or perhaps hidden by fog. It's shifting surfaces are crawling with ice plants, silky beach peas, lonely old masks, empty soda cans, surfers, homes, human families, seagulls, ravens, ground squirrels and sand flies. Beyond the dunes, the dark expanse of the pacific ocean awaits. Behind the dunes, there are highways and suburbs, valleys and hills, farmland and cities, and eventually, mountains. This is a common coastal landscape in the silicon valley bay area, California. But this does not make it any less complex or important than places like the endangered redwood rainforest or the mysterious Monterey canyon. Each creature contains multitudes, each section of land a tiny ecosystem, every footprint or path that can tell a new story. This game jam also takes place right before Halloween.

So... what kind of secrets are those dunes hiding, anyway?

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GAME JAM Q&A SESSION: 2:25 - 6 pm pacific time on Discord

GAME JAM: Saturday to Sunday, October 29-30 2022 PDT

GAME STREAM: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Monday October 31, during Game Design II at CSUMB: 6 - 8 pm 2022 PDT

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Wednesday November 2, during Game Design II at CSUMB: 6 - 8 pm 2022 PDT


This is both an in-person (for students) and remote event (for students and everyone else). We will use itch and discord to coordinate the jam.

CSUMB students may come to Room 105 in the BIT building on campus to work. Other participants may submit games remotely. 


BIT Technology & Information Building

3052 Divarty St, Marina, CA 93933


Game Design Lab 105 (main location of Jam)


Register yourself or your team using this google form!


Click here to join the Jam Discord!

Game Jam Q&A Session: Welcome Our Esteemed Guests: 

A Game Jam workshop (Q&A session) will take place the Friday before the jam! Three guest speakers scheduled to give presentations:

Pat Iampietro : Dune Ecology and CSUMB

Lanier Sammons : Game Music 

Jay Hathaway: Industry Animation

Game Jam Stream: 

Wednesday November 2d, 6 - 8 pm pacific standard time

A stream of all Game Jam games will take place on NOVEMBER 2ND during Game Design II. All games will be streamed to the Discord channel live! 


1. All games submitted to otter game jam Fall 2022 must answer the prompt of "secret of the dunes" in some way. What secret do the dunes conceal?


Katie Green

Pat Iampietro 

Amir Attia 

Timothy Orme


Prizes will be the same T-shirts from last jam.


Organizer: Katie Green

CSUMB Communication Design Bachelors Program

Art and design by Katie Green


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This is a protype for the Fall 2022 Otter Game Jam
Short 2 day game jam game. Created by Dylan Leonard, David Jordan, Sean Brown, and Corinne Harris
Play in browser
Explore enchanted dunes, deep glades, and crumbling ruins; discover the truth behind a world lost to time.