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The first California Monterey Bay State University Communication Design Game Jam : OTTER JAM 2021!

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This jam is for anyone who wants a dedicated weekend to work on games, art, coding, audio, and game design. It is intended primarily for CSUMB otters and other college students, especially game design students. However, anyone can participate!

Time: October 23-24

Saturday: 12pm : Lunch and "opening ceremonies" (in person+discord stream)

Sunday 4-5 pm: Judges review in-progress games(in person+discord stream)

 TBD: Winners announced (discord stream)

Place: This is both an in-person (for students) and remote event (for students and everyone else). We will use itch and discord to coordinate the jam. CSUMB students may come to Room 105 in the BIT building on campus to work. Other participants may submit games remotely.  Due to persistent pandemic concerns, outside visitors are unfortunately not permitted to access the campus.


BIT Technology & Information Building

3052 Divarty St, Marina, CA 93933


Game Design Lab 105 (main location of Jam)

Lecture Rooms: 104, 109, 110

The Atrium

Who: This is a public Jam for Game Design concentration students at CSUMB that is open to the public. 

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Games are judged by the following criteria:

  • Is there a "heart of the forest" in the game?
  • Basic functionality and presentation of game
  • Creativity and thoughtful engagement with the topic

Judges (so far):

Wes Modes: computer scientist, artist, and teacher who also works at CSUMB.

Barrett Anderson: psychologist who studies games and is currently working for Google Stadia.

Resources: The host of this Jam will be offering a FREE 3D asset package of Redwood trees! Access this package before it is available in the Unity store by downloading from here

Games Accepted: Both analog and digital games. Games must be submitted as "solo" or "team" and will be judged accordingly. You may use the Jam to work on larger projects currently underway, and simply submit the most current build that reflects play-tests and changes made during the Jam. Be sure to disclose how long a games development actually was if you worked on it outside of the Jam weekend. Games can be submitted through this itch page or Discord. Be sure to include instructions on how to download and play your game! If applicable, a WebGl build posted to itch can really help others access your game.

Theme Purpose: The CSUMB campus is located near many unique and variable ecosystems, from the Monterey Trench to the Redwood Forests. Many students travel here from other countries to soak up the California sun (and often find Bay Area fog instead!). Being impressed by the absurdly massive redwood trees is a common feeling for visitors. The natural beauty of California draws many to it. But, what you find today, in the era of the largest wildfires the state has even seen, is that these forests may not have a near-future. Appreciate it now, because soon it may be gone. The plight of the redwood forest inspired the core theme of this jam.

OTTER JAM 2021 asks you to go out and explore the "heart" of your forest. Why is it like that? How has it changed? How will it change in the future? Does the heart you find beat loud and angry, or has it gone entirely flat?

What relationship do players have with the forest and it's heart?

Go outside, gather inspiration and evidence, and return to the computer lab to work it out. You could make a game about the ecosystem in your own backyard, or create a game exploring geological and social systems, with topics like the anthropocene or the 6th Extinction. You could make a game where the forest fights against humanity or vice versa, like the film Princess Mononoke, but as a tower defense game.  Anthropomorphism is encouraged. This conversation can get serious, but there is no reason not to employ fantasy, comedy, or brevity in your Otter Jam submission as you please!


CSUMB Communication Design Bachelors Program


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A 2d platformer side-scrolling game by Devin for Otter Jam 2021.
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A platformer created for the OtterJam 2021 Game Jam!
Our submission for the 2021 Otter Jam.
Bug colecting simulator
Walk from a forest, out of a forest! 10-15 seconds of riveting content!
Otter Jam 2021
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