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tell a tale.

a gamejam for the modern storyteller.


we have a winner!

I'm proud to announce that Ncase's Coming Out Simulator Is the winner of the 2014 Nar8 gamejam! You see NCase's beautiful game here

prize update

The kind folks at OmmWriter are currently offering a key of their modern writing software to the winner of Nar8. You can check out their awesome software software here

about the gamejam.

Nar8 is a game jam that occurs from the 8th of June to the 30th of June. Participants will have the entire time to select their teams, form concepts, and design their games. There is no theme besides telling a story, but experimentation and stepping outside your comfort zone is heavily suggested. Nar8 is different than some game jams in that entries are voted upon by users not for their graphics or their fun, but how successful they were in telling their story.

writing for a different medium.

Create a game focused on telling a story. Find game mechanics that are more than fun, but also help expand or explain the story of your writing. Games are a form of interactive fiction that gives the creator control over aspects of how your audience interacts with the story. Use this advantage to create something that sends a message in a way no other medium can.

Good Luck!

advice and tips for writing a story.

There's no real standard for videogame writing, but you can learn from others who write for games, short stories, or flash fiction. Here are a few sources that provide tips which might get you thinking about how to write for your game. Experimentation is highly welcomed, and there's no one way to tell a story.

A Practical Guide to Game Writing by Darby McDevitt

How to Write a Short Story from Wikihow

Stories in your pocket: How to write flash fiction by David Gaffney


frequently asked questions

Can I work in a team?

Of course. Teams are welcome as long as the game and its assets are created in the allotted time.

When can I submit my games?

From the beginning of the jam until the end date. Once it becomes July 1st where you are, you are no longer allowed to enter.

What rights options do I have?

You're not required to submit a source to your project; however, your game must be playable to be voted on. Assets can be self-created, royalty-free, or bought, as long as you credit them correctly or own the rights to them.

How can I contact for questions?

You can contact me here on twitter.


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a half-true story about half-truths
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A music videogame about a mother and her daughter
rated [m] for situations and obscenities
Run in browser
Garugol, Lord of Shadows, executively appointed Arch Duke of the Pyramid Realm
an interactive fiction about growing up
A game about fishing and memory.
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A point-and-click adventure game about a tennis playing robot.
Horror in a sanatorium. Rescue your kid before it's too late, and explore the dark place to uncover the mystery
A game about caring for a loved one.
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A short simulated narrative made in RPG Maker.
Role Playing
A Parlour Game.
A short cyberpunk graphic adventure game.
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Time stops for no man... or does it?
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A tale of love, loss, and robots.
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