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Why aren't you all ogre this yet? #monstermash2014

Whether it's centaur dudes, naga gals or anything in between, let's face it - we all have a soft spot for monster people inside us. Sometimes it's nice to be different, sometimes there are advantages to being different. Monster Mash! is a week long game jam between June 30 and July 7 that challenges you to create a game with monster protagonists!

The jam will start at midnight CET on Monday, June 30th and go until midnight CET on July 7th. As soon as the jam starts, the submission button will be available to you on the site to submit. All entries also get raffled to win a one-year subscription to Loom SDK Turbo!

Let's face it - we use humans a LOT in our games, so why not explore outside Earth for a little while? Why shouldn't we creep in the crypt, or dance in the den? We have so much folklore, legends, urban myths and stories at our fingertips, I think we can afford to take a break from hoo-mans for a while and focus on some freaky fabulous protagonists for a week.

Here's a list of 'multipliers' for the jam - try to add as many of these into your game as possible if you're up for a challenge! For each multiplier you earn, you will get the corresponding badge on your game's page so people can see what a beast you are.

"From The Crypt" - Base your monster off of cryptozoology research, whether they're a creature on the run from humanity or just a character in your game.
"Deja Boo" - Remake a game - yours, or a demake - with monster characters instead of humans. What if Lara Croft was a spectre? What if the Mario Brothers were djinns? How would the game change?
"Eros" - Work a romance - accepted, forbidden or otherwise - into your game between monsters.
"Fairytale" - Make a game in the style of your own original fairy tale - the real gnarly Brothers Grimm style.
"Hissssstory Shapes The World" - Make a game where everything that goes on, was somehow influenced by (fictional / nonfictional) events in the past - why are there monsters? Why are they acting like they do?
"What a Hoof" - Design your game so that it can be played by unwieldy hands - or hooves.
"Misunderstood" - Use art, dialog or sound effects to make a normally horrific monster adorable.
"Keeping It In The Phantom-ily" - Include a monster in your game from the mythology of a culture other than your own.
"Spare The Rod" - Work information into your game about your monsters to inform the player about their origin. Edutainment.

Archon hardly believe how many monsters there are!

Pressed for ideas? Well, good thing that there's plenty of freaky fantastic examples of monsters in our games already! Here's a bunch of resources that'll help you get the ol' cogs turning:

Monster Resources

Wikipedia's Legendary Monster List (including the banana tree spirit, et al.)

Monster Girl/Boy Generator

The Medieval Bestiary

Games avec Monster Protags

Yume Nikki (objecthead)

Skullgirls (multiple)

League of Legends (centaur, unicorn girl, multiple)

GNAH! (just awesome)

Any questions, ping on Twitter!

Finished? Fangtastic! Submit your game here.

Submissions will be open from 12:00AM CET June 30th until 11:59PM CET June 7th. Please make sure you heed what time this is in your area of the world!


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Because being a Monster isn't so bad after all.
Visual Novel
Garugol, Lord of Shadows, executively appointed Arch Duke of the Pyramid Realm
A zombie's detached body parts struggle to return home.
Make randomly generated baby monsters, and don't kill humans!
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Grow, explore, and above all else, be charming.
Role Playing
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An atypical RPG where you are the monsters!
Role Playing
Endless sea, millions of blood-filled tourists and a hungry kraken.
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A daft soccer game for Monster Mash 2014
Three scenes linked with next button. Teddy Bear Frankenstein Female Car
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Help poor Wendy take over this annoying child's mind
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Monster mash game jam
Use your phylactery blade to defeat the Squizard!
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Chimera dating sim created for #monstermash2014 game jam