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Make a game with Defold game engine
or any asset or tool for Defold,
share it and win prizes!

Rules are simple:

  1. Submit any game or asset at any stage made with Defold.
  2. To win prizes you need to share your source code with us!
  3. You can also share your stuff on social media with #MadeWithDefold or #MadeWithDefoldJam ;)
  4. Please be mindful and respectful of your peers! For inclusivity, the game should not contain: pornography, racism, hate speech etc. And of course, nothing illegal!


What is Defold?

Defold is a free, cross-platform game engine and editor with its full source code available on Github. It is  best suited for 2D games , it has a really smooth learning curve and you can actually make a game in a short time here with ease ;) In case of any questions join our friendly community:

Who can enter?

Anyone, of any age, from anywhere. You can work alone or in teams. Join our open and welcoming community! ❤️
Forum: -> Jam thread

What can I make my game/asset in?

Defold, of course!
Then submit it here with Win, Mac, Linux, Android and/or iOS , however it will be the best to upload HTML5 build, so anyone can play it - with Defold you can make one project and then build it for any of those platforms without modifying the project ;)
Regarding Native Extensions check out:
Regarding Editor Scripts check out:

What assets can I use?

You can use whatever art and audio assets you have the legal right to use. You can also use whatever source code you have written up to this point or use any other source code/asset, as long as you have the legal right to use it, but add something during the jam period - I mean, if you already made an extension or a game - iterate over it and make an improved version!
Check out Defold Assets Portal - all assets here are free to use:

Who will judge the games and assets and how can I win?

Games and assets will be judged by the submitters and contributors. Then, if you shared the source code (e.g. on Github) you will get a reward according to your rank and category. 

What are the prizes?

The prizes are keys for games on Steam/PC. There are 2 pools of games for each category:

  • Game
  • Asset (Any tool/library made with/for Defold, Native extension or Editor script, check Defold Asset Portal)

and the winner in a given category chooses one title from all of them, 2nd chooses from the rest and the 3rd chooses in the end.
If you want, you can submit for both categories! For example make a useful and generic library and use it to create an awesome game! In that case make separate projects and submissions, so we can rank them separately ;)

Stretch goal: 35 participants and I will add 2 games to the pool of prizes: Fahrenheit and World of Goo! 

GameDarksiders: Warmastered Edition,  Felix the Reaper,  SUPERHOT,  Heave Ho,  Boundless, Fahrenheit
AssetThe Witness, Worms Revolution,  Europa Universalis IV,  Opus Magnum, Hacknet, World of Goo

Witchcrafter: Empire LegendsAdditionaly, each submitter will gain an access to all rewards from my Patreon Witchcrafter tier including:
- Full Witchcrafter: Empire Legends  game key when it's done!
- Access to Alpha and Beta releases of the game
- Your name in Credits, private channels, polls and thank you message!
Defold team will send cool Defold swag to all the winners and runner-ups and give a Defold Forum badge too!

When will it take place?

The two-week long Jam starts 18.07.2020 0:00 CET and ends 31.07.2020 23:00 CET. Then there will be voting round up to 08.08.2020 23:00 CET. If you manage to miss the deadline, please contact me and I will try to arrange for a late submission.

Is there a theme?

There is no restricted theme for this jam - you can submit whatever you like, as long as it is made with/ for Defold and follows the rules ;) However it's always good to have a starting point, something to start an idea with, especially when making a Jam game - that's why I prepared such idea for you:


Anything else good to know?

Your game belongs to you! We claim no rights or ownership of your game. We do request the right to use your game only for purpose of publicising the game jam. If you do not wish your game to be publicised in this way, tell us in the game submission. 

If there will be any problem with the reward (not working key, not available in your country, etc.) you will be able to choose another option ;) All winners (1st-3rd) will get one game each, so if there will be less than 3 participants in a given category, the rest of the games will not be given to the participants.

It's an unofficial Defold Jam driven by a community, however the Defold  team fully supports it and even have some gifts for participants! ;)

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.


Happy Defolding!


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Extremely basic "game" made in defold, it's trash lul
Play in browser
Endless Arcade Game
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Hypercasual gamejam prototype
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Meditation game to just pop animal and chill out to a pleasant background track
Play in browser
My second jam game using Defold game engine
Play in browser
Defold tool to make direct cut-scenes and animations easier
Sell your soul to the void, tap your life away
Play in browser
It’s like a classic Snake but with change.
Nonogram game proto made with Defold
A short interactive fiction story about the laboratory director.
Interactive Fiction
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Game made for #MadeWithDefold Jam
Play in browser
Simple game for two players
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in development
Play in browser
Pegasus the ancient greek taxi game made for my son
Play in browser
Vertical "Runner"
Play in browser
#MadeWithDefold Jam entry
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3 mini driving games in 1 made for the #MadeWithDefoldJam
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