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What is UDGJ?

UDGJ stands for Unofficial Defold Game Jam and is a game jam where everyone participating makes a game using the Defold game engine. It's unofficial in the sense that it isn't officially supported by King but driven by members of the Defold community.

The jam has a relaxed structure, with focus on having fun and bringing the community together. The submissions are non-ranked, so there will be no voting or winners, but everyone that participate will get a "UDGJ" badge on the Defold forums.


The theme for UDGJ #2 is:



The main rule is that the game needs to be made in Defold.

Additionally, please also follow these simple rules:

  • Please be mindful and respectful of your peers! For inclusivity, the game should not contain; pornography, racism, hate speech etc. And of course, nothing illegal!
  • You are not required to use the theme, but we do encourage you to in some way or another use the theme in your game, be it in the name, the art-style, the music or the mechanics of your game.


You can submit executables for as many platforms as you like, but to ease players with different computer/hardware setups it is preferred that you submit a HTML5 playable.

We appreciate if you share the source code as well, but this is not mandatory.

If you manage to miss the deadline, please contact us and we will try to arrange for a late submission.

(To be eligible for the UDGJ forum badge, let us know if your username is different on and the Defold forums.)


Your game belongs to you. After all, you made it! We claim no rights or ownership of your game.

We do request the right to use your game for purpose of publicising the game jam. If you do not wish your game to be publicised in this way, tell us in the game submission.


  • Can I work alone/in a team? Go ahead, be as many or few as you like.
  • Can I use art and code created/used before the jam? Yes, but the main game should be created during the jam period. However, make sure you have the legal rights to use the art (and code), don't go breaking any copyright laws! :)
  • What tools can I use? The game needs to be made in Defold, but you are free to use whatever tools or frameworks you need (TiledDefold libraries, Photoshop, Audacity etc).


We have a Defold forum post where participants can meet up and show their progress.


It might be good to see previous games and browse some code in order to decide what you want to do

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