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LeapMotion - Tower Defense - God Game
Submitted by nuclearcookie with 20 days, 10 hours before the deadline

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Siege of the Sorcerer's Shrine

Please describe your creation.
**** NOTE ****
We had a lot of team problems during this jam. We started with 4 members, but 3 of the 4 members couldn't really actively participate in the jam, as it turned out. :(
This is why the game is mostly unfinished and has only placeholder art + textures.
The idea is there though, and I hope we can continue developing this game untill it's pretty much finished.

Using alternative ways of controlling your electronics has always fascinated us. We've tried Kinect, Oculus, Controllers, Microphones, .. But we never used anything that could accurately track your hands.
In our opinion, using your hands as a controller has a very sci-fi feeling.

We were brainstorming for a little demo project to test the capabilities of the LeapMotion. We quickly stumbled upon "Rock Paper Scissors". After 1 day however, the game was practically finished. We needed something more challenging. Deriving from our original idea, we came up with the 4 elements: "Fire, Water, Earth, Air". After realizing you could use both your hands, we figured you could become a mage! Aiming your spells with your first hand, and casting a specific spell with the second!
This sounded really cool, so we decided to make some kind of Tower Defense game out of it. Not the ordinary kind where the tower kills all the enemies, but one where the sorcerer has to display his awesome power to obliterate his enemies

Programming language?
C# (Unity)

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Initial build is up, no instructions yet however.

The idea is that you use your left hand to aim spells, and your right to cast them. (can be switched in option menu later).

To aim, simply let the leap detect your left hand, a red marker will appear in game. 

To cast a spell, do any of the following:

Do a wind blast (hand vertically and move forwards)

Make a wave (hand horizontally and move sideways)


Slam it (hand horizontally, curved fingers and move down)


Make a pillar (hand horizontally, palm up, curved fingers and move up)

Kill the enemies with the correct spell (currently shown by their color) to protect your base.

Hope you like the idea!

note: The playable area will be increased and normally there would be hell of a lot more enemies, but this was mainly for testing our mechanics ;)