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A jam submission

Who Killed Judith Harper?View game page

Catch a killer before they escape!
Submitted by ben_the_terrible

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Who Killed Judith Harper?'s page

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • 23/80

    There are many passability issues, from being able to walk on walls to having some doors not appear when other doors appear to several other issues.

    Also, there is no game. You have an empty town and just wander constantly. There is nothing here.

    Oh, maybe your old version has something. Here we go... Oh, still the same passability issues. Who is this clown?

    The clues don't really seem to help much. The handcuffs seem to just make things worse than having the target escape. Why is it that somehow, by some sort of magic, everyone seems to be confident in my choice of criminals? The police are just standing there waiting for me to choose someone to arrest? Shouldn't they be investigating on their own and detaining us? ALL of us? Am I not guilty of messing with evidence among other potential crimes?

    This game is just a jumble of things that make no sense logically.

  • I really enjoyed this. The premise is irresistible and the graphics made wandering around the mansion a lot of fun. There was many tileset/passability errors but nothing that interfered with the proper least for me. Another judge had some pretty major issues with events not starting and such. Some of the clues were pretty obtuse and I never did figure out what the handcuffs were supposed to be used for, but the process of slowly gaining access to the various rooms was engaging. I got the killer wrong on the first try, but thankfully I had a save right there and was able to figure out the culprit afterwards.

    Score: 54/80

RPG Maker MV

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