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Can a girl make a name of herself without powers?
Submitted by Aliisza — 1 hour, 47 minutes before the deadline

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  • Disqualified as all the interiors are broken making the game unplayable.

Team Members
D & J Deatz

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You seem to have made an error with map transfers >~< Because the player transfers onto a black square instead of the floor when walking into a building, you can't actually move about and it's game ending. When you're playtesting, holding down ctrl allows you to walk through maps, but on a deployed game there's nothing that can be done. I noticed this early on and realised the game would probably not be playable, so had to quit it.

I only saw a little, but I was very impressed with your mapping. According to the credits you've only used licensed expansions, but it's well worth looking into fanmade resources! They're very often free and help you expand your world further. A great place to look is this forum. Depending on the age of your character, you might want to look into buying the season pass dlc for its kid generator parts.

I did notice a typo at the start, it should be 'your brother' instead of 'you're brother'.

I wish you all the best with development! <3


It's very embarrassing that it was there. I was bad and added them at the end, just before turning it in. I was trying to unify how things looked inside of the houses for "exits". I was tired and worried about deadlines since our internet is ridiculously slow and did not check it one last time before turning it in. So we are aware that no one can actually play (which is all I really wanted) and tell me how they liked the gameplay.  My husband fixed it and we have it ready to upload once the game jam is over. I appreciate your input SO MUCH and would love if you could give it another chance when we upload the fixed version. (We were looking into the season pass for that reason! And thank you for the forum link!) - The Mrs.