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Run, jump and fight your way through action packed stages
Submitted by beenbaba (@beenbaba) — 5 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked 36th with 6 votes

People's Choice Vote#366

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    The game has a convincing enough reason to do what it did, kill some things and get some shards where the balance of the universe is hinged on. There’s not much to say.


    As a platformer, in my honest opinion, this game is a colossal failure. The controls are terrible and has a terrible “lag” from user input to action. The collision detection feels whack. It just doesn’t feel good to play. You don’t feel the “oomph” you get from platformer games.


    Presentation is ok. It has custom graphics and does what it want to show. There is clear effort here but the visuals doesn’t feel “good” to play. For example, an enemy way smaller than you are half your attack still gets hit. It just doesn’t feel convincing. And these are very major flaws for a platformer. . The way it handles dialogue the moment you enter a stage without anything interesting to look at was really badly executed. The characters feel like total kids despite being this intergalactic agency, the main character is flat and boring and this Maia just feels generic.


    Just on the first 15 minutes of play I already wanted to quit since the platforming aspect is just not good. The entire game was frustrating and a chore to play and having terrible controls on a platformer is unforgivable. It was just not fun.

    Total – 38/80

Team Members
Chaucer, Beenbaba

RPG Maker MV

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