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A jam entry

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A mistake of the gods will condemn the destiny of the 8th Entangled World...
Submitted by Gorrauko with 8 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline

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  • It takes guts to give your game a title that can be abbreviated as “Poo.” Don’t worry, this game isn’t poo, it’s pretty solid for a first effort. Mapping is pretty good, a little too much empty space in the interiors but nice layout in the town. The fighting was a little unbalanced, the bats in particular did a ton of damage and the fact that most of the critters were faster than the player meant that you could get wiped out pretty easily if you weren’t constantly healing. You’ll get the hang of it, keep RMing!

    Score: 43/80

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You know what, this was much better than I thought it'd be! You really undersold yourself with your description! Since it's your first game, my comments might seem harsh, but it's to help you improve ;p

First things first- Yanfly's message core. You've got a lot of spaces where there doesn't need to be. Proofread games are always going to have an advantage, so I would suggest asking someone to help out just making sure everything is spelt correctly and easy to understand. If you didn't know, we have a wonderful forum here. You'll be able to find loads of great resources, tutorials, and you can ask for playtesters to help! Everyone is really nice, and if you can show you're committed to game making, I'm sure there will be someone who'll be willing to help out.

Your maps need some work, but they're far from the worst I've seen. Some things to look out for are making sure your wall heights are consistent, that the inside and exterior of buildings seem to match up in size, and that things don't get too big and empty. You've used cupboards and things strangely by lining them up exactly on the walls. Ideally you'd want to put them 1 tile down so they don't float. It still looks a bit strange, but you can look around for some repositioned tilesets to combat this. The final thing is that you don't really need to have a door on an interior exit, just the tile leading out is enough. Mapping is something that comes with experience (I still suck at it, for sure), but there are places where you can go to directly give and get feedback on them, like this forum! (Again.)

I found one or two minor bugs. In the Inn, the sweat balloon appears over the wrong event, and your dirty key should probably be a key item rather than a regular item. The celestial wings could do with a description as well. 

I really didn't see any reason to have save points. It just adds an unnecessary challenge that will probably frustrate people if they die in a random encounter or would like to choose when to pause and return to the game. 

So for the game itself, I decided to go with the hunter. It was nice to see that you'd made an effort with the battle system! Using default skills is a common complaint, so you did a good job there. I'm bias, but I think your encounters were too high. I was confused about the Miner's comment, and thought the torch was inside his house rather than the cave. I spent a really long time wandering around the caves not sure what to do, and getting very fed up of battles. (I was rarely able to successfully escape.) 

You could have done with an event on the rocks to suggest they needed to be broken up, at least that way I would have known I was in the right direction, and to look for a tool. I ended up spending 40 minutes on what was probably a 25 minute demo. There isn't much to say in terms of story right now. I definitely have a few lingering questions, which would hopefully be cleared up in a longer game. Some friendly advice, you probably don't want to go with a grand story for your first game. Whilst you're finding your feet in the engine and deciding if you're even that interested in being a game developer, it'd be a lot more beneficial to aim for a short game that you can managed to finish. The feedback and experience you can get from that are going to make taking on a longer project so much easier.

Hope this helps! :D