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Submitted by Mianna — 10 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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    Graphics are a mix of a lot of very different tiles and RTP. It collides in a crazy way but sort of works, oddly enough. Mapping is overly detailed in some areas and under detailed in others, but it ends up being an interesting mix. Also, the dev does a good job portraying an alien landscape.

    Writing is very hit and miss - there's a lot of spelling, grammar and punctuation issues littered through the writing and it really needed someone to proof read. It's understandable at least but really jarring.

    The dialogue suffers a lot from the writing issues. If it were better written the characterisation would come through a lot better and really help the game shine a bit more. What characterisation is there is charming if jarringly presented.

    The story is pretty simple up to the point where I could progress no more - the fairy empress is ill and she has three promising youngsters who have a chance to take her place. One of these is our main hero who comes off as a bit of a ditz but eventually shows to be quite more responsible than she was initially presented. It's interesting how her character was presented wrongly so that the player expected one thing from her only to have her turn to be different. If the writing were better this could really have shone.

    The sound was pretty good. Music was mostly RTP, but sound design was quite nice - the wilderness had a lot of ambient sound, giving the feel of alien jungle. It really enhanced that area a bit. I would have liked to have seen more. Some standard sound effects were missing, like system sounds. I guess it kind of worked but it was a little weird.


    The gameplay consists of bugs and event interaction.

    Mainly you spend the game doing fetch quests. It's pretty simplistic and doesn't require any puzzling out to complete them.

    There were a lot of bugs, sadly.

    Got stuck at the temple of tsumetai when I walked up to the door I couldn't go back.

    The stone can break the game - you're able to push it twice by just walking up to it and that gets you stuck, but you can also get stuck if you initially interact with it from the bottom.

    The quest for the guard can be done completely out of order -  you can trigger finding the guardman after getting the bucket of water, then after giving the orb and letter you can still talk to the guard and he'll ask for help finding the missing guy.

    Collecting the fruit broke the game.

    The unique environment made me want to see more of the game, despite the bugs and bad writing. The kernal of characterisation was also interesting. I'm just sad that it was so buggy and in need of major polishing, because it has promise to be an interesting game.

    I guess the theme is responsibility, and the fetch quests aim to show how the character needs to be responsible in order to rule. It was hard to really connect to the theme due to the writing issues, though.


RPG Maker MV

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I'd rate this game 41/100

First, the graphics.
They look pretty cool, but they don't made me say "woah". They are harmonious, that's very great! So, for that, I'd rate them 16/20.

Second, the sounds.
Some are RTP, some I don't know if they are RTP or not, but they sound cool. Though, I really felt like they didn't always fit the game, or they weren't well-associated between them. It left me a pretty bad feeling, so for that, I would only rate them 12/20.

Third, the story.
Huh, it's probably just me, but I didn't really understand the story. It seems like you're a fairy that is against other fairies to get a better job or something like that. I didn't really understand, and I wasn't fascinated by that story. So I'd give it a 7/20, as it is probably because I stopped playing really fast (see further).

Fourth, the difficulty.
Huh, it was a mix of difficult and not difficult. Like, you don't have difficulty playing the game, so you're not totally entertained, but there is a difficulty due to a lack of informations. Like you have to look at some flowers or whatever it is during day two, but you don't know what it is, or where it is (maybe did I read too fast, so if that's the case, I'm sorry). I only rated it 6/20.

Fifth, the gameplay. There may be some spoilers. Read carefully.
So, my rating is probably really harsh on that point, but I really didn't enjoyed it at all. So, let's start. You have a lot of cutscenes with text. That's a good thing, when skipping text works correctly. I don't know how you made it, but each time a message was completely written, I had to wait one second before being able to press enter. It did that on every message, plus the waiting you put with \|, \., ... I was afraid they would never finish. That's part of why I read all the messages extremely fast so I could skip them faster. And it made me miss some informations, which reduces the rating of the story point. But that's not all, then comes the play time. You can talk to no one but people that give you quests. And even when they gave you the quests, you cannot talk to them again. And what if I want them to remind me my quest? No way,  I cannot do that. Pretty sad. Putting stones give the same effect, without the frustration of not being able to talk to them. Ok, ok. Let's continue. On my quest to water, I do another quest which is finding someone missing. Wait, I've finished a quest I've never started! I have to admit, I talked to the NPC after finishing the quest. So having him telling me to go find someone I already found is pretty strange. Plus having that same NPC talking to me as if he gave me the quest before when I finish it. Pretty bad design, and pretty strange. Then I go where the water is. I go straight forward into something that seems to be a building. Waiiiiit! I cannot enter it. So I try to go back, but NOPE. You've put a useless event there to prevent people from running away. A progression block? Oh no, I just had to press the enter key to open the doors. Just walking on it should be enough to open a door. Inside, there is nothing (as many other rooms, by the way). Then I take the water and give it to the cooking fairy. Then day two. I have to take these things I've never heard of before. Ok, ok. I finally find a rock I need to push. Yeah, I pushed it, I can enter! Wait, what? I pushed it once again! NO NO NO NO NO. You didn't check the skip if cannot move option when doing the move route. Aaaah, progression block. I ALT F4.

I honestly tried to continue the game as much as I could to find a positive point, and I'm still trying to find one without continuing the game. I cannot. I'm sorry, I really enjoyed nothing about the gameplay. And by nothing, I mean nothing. Maybe only the maps were looking good, but that belongs to graphics. I'm sorry to say that, but to me, the gameplay has no point, and I'm not even sure you opened your game to test it. That progression block is more than obvious. Either you did a bad bug testing or you did none. So it's a 0/20 for me.

Developer (1 edit)

thank you very much for your very well made rating!

i like it if someone write down the errors i made! (that is not ironic!) i am working alone on these game so i dont find all of the bugs because i know what i have to do!.... so they hide from me and only can be found by a player who is playing these game! although.... the bug with the rock.. i found it already and could clear it out.

and the bug with the quests starting again, was, because i placed two switches wrong. i already cleared them too! ( i hope!  hahahaha)

hu? the temple isnt working well? maybe its the door again.... but alas! you dont need to go into the temple! the bucket filled with water is outside of it!  ^-^

ah, you have that problem with the waiting in the messages too? i didnt put these things on the end! but i have that problem too....  i have to look into that aswell!  O_O

edit: i found out what it was! it was the thing i did for slowing down the text speed! in the end it didnt do that! it only jumped on the nerves....

after all these contest is good for learning how to make a game better, right? ^-^

zor dev, i gave you a +1 because of your well explained rating! it helps me alot to kick these bugs out of my game! and i hope you will do that by my other games which are in progress!


Damn,  I feel so bad for that harsh 0/20 now '-'

Though I'm glad you could listen to what I said and correct some parts fast ^^
I'll try it again after the jam if you push a new update, maybe will I enjoy it more! :D

But careful, I may put another review on the game page if I do so... :P

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

dont worry about the harsh part! as long as you dont say: "hey! what for a trash is that? you can kick that game into the trashheap!" is all well!  ;-P

and i hope you will play it again then! after all i had to cut the game heavily because i was late with it.... thanks to my laptop who wanted to anger me with its emptied bios-battery just after i joined the contest ...   -.-

ps: i found the other bug in the forest of rejuvenation with the guard number two..... i simply forgot to put the needed switch onto it.... (yes yes... i become very old if i forget such a thing....)


Ahah that's good then! :D

I hope I'll play it longer than I did yet :3 and you had no luck for this jam :/ but you've made it, that's already good (even though it's not perfect yet ~ and I doubt any game can be perfect '-').

Huh, switches, again and again :') they are powerful, but when they are forgotten... they hurt so much :')