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The Gods have cursed your Home. It is time they answer some questions.
Submitted by Timespiraled — 11 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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  • Theme 

    Three people needs to go Istoria to meet the gods and have their wish fulfilled. So far the game is too short.


    Boring button attack smash since the game lasts like 5 minutes.


    I like the presentation of the story and the character designs with their masks on. The monster graphics are nice. My only gripe is the inconsistent art style. Not much is there to say about the writing since it doesn't really reveal much or the characters.


    It was so short it didn’t do anything for me.

    Total – 29/80


    Graphically, everything seems to fit together well. The custom graphics don't clash too much with the non-custom, despite being in very different styles. The game is quite minimalistic when it comes to imagery, but what was there looks quite nice.

    The mapping basically consisted of a story book with points to move to that would either throw you into battle or have the characters interact with each other, visual novel-wise.

    The sound was there. It wasn't anything exciting or great but it wasn't silence either.

    Music fit very well and the tunes were very nicely composed.

    Writing was well done, and despite there being a spelling mistake here or there and a few punctuation issues, it was pretty technically sound. The writing itself was interesting and the characters were also interesting. The story was quite engaging, what little of it we saw.

    Gameplay consisted mainly of menus and battles.

    The game revolved around the use of equipment found in loot crate type items (that were dropped from enemies) which randomly assigned you equipment. The equipment would teach you skills or give you stat boosts, both of which helped in battle. There was also the option to craft or scrap items - scrapping would give you supplies that you could use to create healing items to help you in battle. You also got supplies as a currency after battle.

    Basic gameplay had you battle, open loot crates, equip or scrap the drops and fight again. There were on-map areas for fighting and some were battle rushes, where you had to fight chains of enemies before you got a break.

    The battles themselves weren't a bother - even without the equipment you could handle most of the enemies well enough. There was also a boss which had elemental weaknesses that equipment could give spells for attacking with.

    The game was pretty zen-like. You read a bit of the story, you fight a few battles, you engage in randomly generating loot and see how well that works against the monsters. Over and again. It didn't last long due to the game being a demo, but what was there was enjoyable for what it was though I couldn't see myself playing the game for a very long amount of time unless there was more than just the aspects already present in it.

    The theme wasn't really clearly stated in any way and the closest I could hazard would be either fighting to reach heaven or seeking the gods, or at least that's the reason for the characters' journey. The battling certainly helped showcase that aspect, but the way the game was set out, as in a storybook telling a tale, while unique and interesting, didn't really show that much. It's hard to judge a game that doesn't have a clear-cut theme.


Team Members
Matt L, Ian W, Colin G., Maria A.


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