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Submitted by Black Vulture INC (@Rayco_Santana) with 13 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 114th with 1 vote

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    Graphics are almost all custom created. They fit together well and look good despite being simplistic in style. The mapping is decent and uses the tiles to good effect. In fact, about the only thing that wasn't custom, graphics-wise, was the window skin and icons.

    The writing is alright. There's a lot of punctuation issues strewn through-out the game, and the writing is a bit stilted at times due to this and some grammatical issues, but otherwise it's alright. The characters are very thin - not much went into the way of characterisation and interaction. What was there was used to inform instead of build the characters and it came off overall as a bit hammy.

    The story itself was interesting - a young boy was accused of having killed another young boy and had become a social pariah. His friends want to help him prove his innocence so they return to the house where the death happened hoping to destroy the evil that took the life of the other boy. It, like the characterisation, is pretty thin but it works as a framing device for the game.

    The music is decent. It fit well where it was used and wasn't jarring. It was mainly RTP, as far as I could tell. Same with sound effects - they were used in the default manner, with no uses to build atmosphere. They existed and they weren't jarring.

    Gameplay consists of battles and exploration.

    The aim is to open the attic and to do that you need to search the house for items and keys. The items are to help you survive enemies, the keys are to open the next in a chain of doors so that you can progress.

    Battles were a little on the easy side, but they were used mainly as padding to get you used to the skills for boss battles. They also provided item drops aplenty so that you could deal with the bosses with enough loot.

    Skills were alright, learned from cards that you found scattered around the place. They were also default skills, which was a pity.

    Monsters has their own attack patterns which is always nice. The lost boss wasn't too hard since you'd gotten three Pyro attacks by then and could spam that over and over without worrying about his blind skill hampering your damage output.

    Battles were random encounters inside the house and a few non-random ones outside/against bosses.

    It was a cute little game and despite a fair bit of defaultisms, it was mildly enjoyable. Care was taken to make battles not too hard, and you were rewarded for exploring with items, which was nice. I appreciated the art style quite a bit.

    One thing that did annoy me a little was that the areas were blocked off by literal road blocks in the way where you couldn't go. It felt constrictive. I did appreciate the arrows letting you know where you could go, though.

    The theme was revenge kills and it showed this via the story aspects of the game. The end line especially showed this off, even if the rest of the game fell flat, theme-wise.



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Congrats on finishing your game! The custom art wasn't really my cup of tea, but you've done a huge amount of work in a month! Well done!

The game could do with a thorough proofreading since there was quite a lot of errors. I did find it a bit hard to engage with the story as well, I wasn't really feeling anything at the end, which isn't what you want in a scene that's supposedly tense. Some of that is due to the short length (took me under 30 min), but other times I did find the characters robotic. The faces could have done with some small tweaks to things like nose and eye shape to stop everyone looking the same.

I liked the idea behind the PSY cards. I spent most of my time running from random encounters but was still able to finish the boss fairly quickly.

There were a few bugs/things to improve;

The immediate battle after buying the wooden sticks means there's no chance to equip them. Personally I think toy swords would make more sense than a shop selling a bunch of twigs, but I digress...

You don't actually get the PSY  in your inventory until after the night scene, when it should be immediately in the shop. We also pick up stimulants without actually receiving any.

If you go back to the school at night, all of the npcs are still there which seems a little odd.

You can remove TP by going into the database> system and just unchecking it. 

Hope this helps!


Hi thanks for playing! The art was suposed to be like the mother/earthbound series but I just suck at art XD 

If there any possibility you could tell me some of the gramatical errors? Im not a native speaker, i did write the script in a word processor first and did check for errors but Im sure there are some the software didnt catch. 

About the short length well by the end of the month I was really stressed out, so it was quite rushed, having to do all the art was a nightmare. But hey at least I finished the game. I first intended the game to have more gameplay between the school and the house, in fact I planned several days worth of story and a lot more of the town to explore I just didnt have the time.

The ending its not really the ending as is intended to pick up right after, this is just the first part so thats maybe why it feels weird. 

Again thanks a lot for playing the game!!!!!


Making a short game in a month is a big ask even without custom art, so yeah, I hope you feel proud of that! The art didn't suck, it just wasn't my taste. You can't please everyone, but I still appreciate the amount of work that's gone into it. :)

The game is still easy to understand, (and actually your English is a lot better than some of the games I've played by native speakers. xD) Unfortunately I can't really go through the errors since they were spread across the entire game, and I don't currently have time to replay it. There are places where you can go to get help though. One of those is the rpg maker web forums! You can make a post here asking for some help. I don't personally own Rpg Maker VX Ace, but there might be someone on there who you can send your whole project to, or if you prefer, use the deployed game and have them write it all out for you. 

You do need to make sure you read the rules of the sub-forum (the very first thread), which state that you have to have at least one post before being allowed to ask for help, which is a perfect chance to introduce yourself! The people over there are really nice, so if you felt like it you can get involved in other parts of the community too! You might be interested in the secret santa we have going on, you're given a random IGMC entry to play, and in exchange, someone else will review yours. ^^